So You Want To Become An NFL Scout

What attributes does an NFL look for at a particular position? What questions does he pose to the school's pro liaison, trainers or coaches? Are certain positions more difficult to evaluate? Thirty-four year veteran professional personnel scout Tom Marino gives the readers an exclusive look at the scouting profession.

Since joining in January of 2007 I have been asked frequently by the readers, what it takes to become an NFL personnel scout. I'm not totally certain I have the answer to that particular complex question, but recently on the suggestion of a reader, I have decided to write a series of articles on the profession to which I have dedicated my entire adult life.

Before we start the series which we will heretofore title "Football Scouting 101" let me first say to the readers that if there is any area or aspect of the scouting profession that you would like to have explained further or if there are any questions that you might have, please e-mail me directly at and I will do my very best to answer your questions each week.

We are going to get into every aspect of the scouting profession and although I'm not going to promise you a fulltime job with the Dallas Cowboys upon completion of the series, I believe at the completion of this course you will have a far better understanding and appreciation for what the two hundred and fifty to three hundred full time team and combine scouts do during the scouting season and beyond.

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