Marino' 2008 Senior Pro Prospect Team Offense

The strength of the senior offensive pro prospect team is without question in its interior line. Both offensive tackle prospects are early first round locks, while the underachieving Robinson has a great deal of physical talent . Just what position is in dyer need of a junior infusion? Former scout Tom Marino has his thoughts and shares them with our readers.

WR – Juaquin Iglesias, Oklahoma U

has the speed to separate vertically - Made good ball adjustments can catch clean

WR – Brooks Foster, No Carolina U

Is a top return prospect right now, but will need further route work

TE – Brandon Pettigrew, Oklahoma State U

A potential play maker who can also contribute at the line of scrimmage

OT –Michael Oher, U of Mississippi

A very talented player from a athletic standpoint, but may lack the intensity level and desire one looks for at the position

OT –Eugene Monroe, U of Virginia

A man - Is smart, physical and finishes – like his pass sets, hand use and awareness

OG –Herman Johnson, LSU

An absolute giants with excellent rear power - Short set and extend skills were impressive

OG –Duke Johnson, Oklahoma U

You just don't see him finish things or play hard all of the time, but is still a physically talented player

OC – Alex Mack, U of California

A very steady, smart and experienced performer – I like his size and consistency

QB – Graham Harrell, Texas Tech U

I'm not a fan of the system, but I love his poise, throwing accuracy , production and consistency

RB – James Davis, Clemson U

Has been a solid, productive player since his frosh season, but played production was curtailed in 2008 due to an injured shoulder – ineffective blocker

RB – Javon Ringer, Michigan State U

A talented back, but doesn't have the electric type speed you look for in a top back

RS – Derrick Williams, Penn State U

Has the size and physical ability to become a top player, but I would like to have seen better playing consistency – will contribute on teams from the go

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