Marino' 2008 Senior Pro Prospect Team Defense

I haven't seen a better college corner in the past half decade than Malcolm Jenkins. He has all of the physical attributes one looks for along with outstanding playing instincts. When one adds toughness, intelligence and exceptional return ability to the mix, the end results are something special.

DE – Robert Ayers, U of Tennessee

A prime time pass rusher - has rare first step quickness and the ability to close on the football

DE – Tyson Jackson, LSU

A big and versatile player who looked at home in both a 3-4 and 4-3 scheme – Strong run down player with some edge quickness

DT – B.J. Raji, Boston College

Strong two gap player who showed unusual quickness and playing range

DT – Peria Jerry, U of Mississippi

Came on after early season injury to have a very big productive senior season – liked his lateral quicks, use of hands and range

OB – Aaron Curry, Wake Forest U

Explosive player with range, good instincts and was effective for both the run and pass

OB – Clinton Sintim, U of Virginia

Effective edge player with striking power who could well project as an inside player

MB – James Laurinaitis, Ohio State U

An excellent football player with take on skills, playing instincts, range and production – I particularly liked his game to game consistency

DC – Malcolm Jenkins, Ohio State U

an extremely talented player with all of the size and physical attributed you look for in a corner and returner

DC – Alphonso Smith, Wake Forest U

Is a super talented player with speed and ball skills – competes hard but is woefully undersized

DS – William Moore, U of Missouri

Big, athletic player with range and instincts – Can get over the top in half coverage and make plays on the ball

DS – Michael Hamlin, Clemson U

Is smart, active and a effective zone player - A good open field tackler who was quick to fill the run lane

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