Marino' Junior Pro Prospect Offensive Team

Expect an unprecedented number of underclassmen to enter this coming springs player draft. With the possible exception of the interior offensive line all other prospects are not only top round selections, but include five potential top ten selection.

WR – Kenneth Britt, Rutgers U

Strong physical receiver who adjusted to the ball well – strong hands - showed instincts after the catch

WR – Hakeem Nicks, U of No Carolina

Haven't seen many better at the position at this stage of his development – explosive take off with size, top hands and run skills after the catch

TE – Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma U.

Very talented up the seam threat who also showed some explosiveness in the running game

OT – Andre Smith, University of Alabama

Big finisher inline – gets movement, showed balance and sustained – good angles and recovery skills on pass protections

OT –Russell Okung, Oklahoma State U. showed some promise although I thought he tended to play over his pads. He did show some explosiveness. I need to see a great deal more, but I liked a lot of the things I saw with this player

Eben Britton, U of Arizona

Is a big kid, but I was disappointing in his feet and movement- good use of hands - will need to play on the right side. Ciron Black of LSU is another offensive tackle that has received a great deal of notoriety, but I would say he has a very long way to go before I would be comfortable with him protecting my franchise quarterback.

OG – Sergio Render, Virginia Tech U

Effective zone blocker with impressive short area explosiveness

OG –Trent Williams, U of Oklahoma

Tackle with the movement, quicks and power to project down inside – good balance points and recoveries

OC –Thomas Austin, Clemson U

Good initial movement and blocking speed – adequate block fits and sustain

QB – Colt McCoy, U of Texas

Has improved with each passing – gets the ball out quick and can make time in the pocket – Good ability to look off defender and make a play

RB – C.J. Spiller, Clemson U

A special back with speed, instincts, balance and excellent hands – a lottery pick with the ability to score from anywhere on the field

RB – Chris Wells, Ohio State U

A big powerful back, who played less than 100% for much of the 2008 season - limited quick cutting ability in space

RS – Percy Harvin, U of Florida

An undersized, but highly talented player with speed, hands and open field running ability - a real play maker who is at his best with his the game on the line

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