Marino' 2008 Jr Pro Prospect Defensive Team

Without question, virtually every member of the elite junior defensive pro prospect team has top round draft potential. I particularly liked the talent level at the linebacker and defensive front. Illinois corner Vantae Davis has already declared for the draft, but the real prize at the corner position may well be the U of Oregon's Darius Byrd.

DE – Everette Brown, Florida State U

Can really come off the ball and trim the edge – excellent body control and quickness – needs more consistency

DE – George Selvie, U of South Florida

Excellent edge rusher with an inside counter move – quick hands and ability to force separation – not as stout as he will need to be for every down play

DT –Terrence Cody, U of Alabama

The ultimate space occupier – two gap player who plays with power – will need to watch his weight

DT – Ricky Jean-Francois, LSU

Showed special talents (MVP) in the 2008 National Championship game (his only game of the season) – big strong and explosive

LB – Mark Herzlich, Boston College

A four down player who runs extremely well and makes athletic plays all over the field – very good instincts and versatility – excellent playing range

LB –Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri U

Extremely active and productive player – not as stout as one would want, but was explosive on contact and a playmaker

LB – Brandon Spikes, U of Florida

Another proven big time play maker – quick to see things develop and react – good take on and shed and burst to the ball – should play quickly in the pro game

DC – Vantae Davis, U of Illinois

Explosive football player – Some people have questioned his attitude and he is without question somewhat tight in the hips, but his close to the football and speed was first rate – physical player, excellent feet and hand checker

DC – Darius Byrd, U of Oregon

As classy a young man as you will find in college football – the son of former NFL great Gil Byrd - Is very smart and highly athletic – has excellent feet and ball skills – outstanding prep QB – knows the game

DS – Taylor Mays, USC

Big, smart and experienced – looks more like a nickel backer than a pure safety – not real physical, but did an excellent job of keeping leverage on the ball – somewhat of a high center of gravity – excellent straight line speed

DS – Kam Chancellor Virginia Tech U

Another free safety with rare size – a solid run stopper, but was less effective in coverage – possible nickel backer

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