Monday Senior Bowl Quarterbacks-North

We're beginning our annual look at the Senior Bowl quarterbacks starting on Monday with the North signal callers.

MOBILE, Ala. --

The North quarterbacks are clearly nothing special. Out of the three, the one who stood out on Monday was Texas Tech's Graham Harrell.

Here's an inside look at all three after watching them during Monday's 90-minute practice:

Graham Harrell/Texas Tech - He was the most polished of the three during the session.

Harrell was fairly accurate and displayed good footwork and mechanics. And in a rarity one the first day, he had pretty good timing with his receivers. That's usually a big issue for quarterbacks here and Harrell did a nice job of getting the ball out of his hands quickly and to the intended receiver.

The one issue that's clearly going to be a point of contention with scouts if his arm strength. Just from watching him on film and live today, he has just an average arm. That's going to be why he won't be selected on the first day of the draft.

Rhett Bomar/Sam Houston St. - He had the strongest arm of the three, but was the least accurate.

Bomar has a funky delivery which causes the ball to go off the mark from time to time. When he displays proper mechanics, he's capable of sticking the ball into tight areas. That's the one trait he had that separated him from the other three.

If Bomar wants to make it at the next level, he's going to have his delivery adjusted. If he finds a quarterbacks coach who is willing to work with him, he has a chance to make it at the next level.

Nathan Brown/Central Arkansas - Of the three, he clearly was the worst performer and to be brutally honest, he probably had no business being invited to Mobile this week.

Out of the eight years I've scouted quarterbacks here, I can't recall many who threw the ball with less power and torque than Brown.

Brown has trouble driving the ball off of his back foot and has trouble putting any noticeable zip on the ball. While he was fairly accurate with his throws, any pass over 20 yards wobbled and had little or no velocity.

Usually, you can see what kind of an arm a quarterback has after just a few minutes here and it's clear Brown doesn't have an NFL arm. I made a similar observation last year watching Colt Brennan. At least in his case, he has enough athleticism to make some plays here and there.

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