Tuesday Senior Bowl Quarterbacks-North

Here's another inside look at the quarterbacks from the North squad during Tuesday's practice.

MOBILE, Ala. --

Here's another inside look the North squad quarterbacks on Tuesday during the 90-minute practice:

Graham Harrell/Texas Tech - Once again, Harrell was the most accurate of the three. However, he clearly lacks the kind of ideal arm strength that teams covet.

He displayed mostly good footwork, but had a problem driving the ball off of his back foot. When this happened, his passes lacked zip and the receivers had to adjust to the ball.

Harrell will need to get stronger physically if he's to make it at the next level.

Rhett Bomar/Sam Houston St. - Bomar clearly has the strongest arm, no argument there. But if he's to make it in the NFL, he will need to have his release point adjusted.

Bomar has a three quarter delivery and because the ball doesn't come out from the top of his delivery, it comes out from the side, which causes the ball to sail wide or high too often.

He also has a bad habit of not driving the ball with good weight distribution and tries to rely on his upper body too much.

Nathan Brown/Central Arkansas - Things got worse for the short signal caller during the early portion of this practice period.

Brown started off poorly with his throws, which were mostly inaccurate.

He has a funky delivery, much like former University of Kentucky QB Andre Woodson's. Brown has a cocked, almost double clutch delivery, which causes the ball to come out funny and late to the receivers.

It would be a shock if he's drafted since he has way too many flaws that need to be corrected if he's to make it in the NFL.

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