Wednesday Senior Bowl Quarterbacks-North

The North squad quarterbacks showed some improvement on Wednesday.'s NFL insider takes a look inside how they looked during the 90-minute practice.

MOBILE, Ala. --

The wind was calm during the North squad's Wednesday practice. This was quite a change from the previous two days worth of workouts.

Rhett Bomar/Sam Houston St. - Like the other two signal callers during this practice, Bomar improved on his accuracy from the previous two days.

The strong-armed quarterback threw with better torque and leg drive. When he does this, he's much more effective and consistent.

The key for Bomar will be to build off of his success today and carry it over the rest of the week.

Graham Harrell/Texas Tech - Harrell's footwork was better during this practice session and he seemed to be more accurate.

The problem that Harrell has is he's unable to put enough power into his passes and some are late getting to the intended pass target.

Nathan Brown/Central Arkansas - While he'll never be confused with Dan Marino, Brown threw the ball well today.

Brown has a funky, almost three quarter release, but he was mostly accurate during this session.

He made an outstanding deep throw to Oklahoma WR Juaquin Iglesias down the sideline for a score. Coverage was tight so Brown had to make a very accurate throw.

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