Wednesday Senior Bowl Quarterbacks-South

Here's another unabashed look at the South squad signal callers after Wednesday's practice.

MOBILE, Ala. --

Pat White/West Virginia - The southpaw signal caller has drawn the comparison to former Iowa St. QB Seneca Wallace, who is another small quarterback who moves around well. However, Wallace clearly has a stronger arm.

White, on occasion, zips passes to the flanks, but still struggles with deeper passes. He also needs to move around a bit to create functional space in order to get a clear path to throw the football.

John Parker Wilson/Alabama - Wilson had and up and down practice session. Like many of the quarterbacks here this week, Wilson is having trouble making three to four consecutive solid throws. He clearly lacks a strong enough arm to become a starter at the next level.

Cullen Harper/Clemson - His mechanics continued to be a big issue during this practice session. Because of his poor mechanics and balance, Harper is losing accuracy.

It's very difficult to throw the ball with any kind of consistency with poor mechanics. This is an issue that could be solved after the coaches watch the practice tape and they work on his issues the rest of the week.

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