Arizona Cardinals Free Agent Confidential

With nearly thirty nine million in cap space entering the free agency period, the Cards are in excellent position to make some significant gains to their football club. Both LB Karlos Dansby and QB Kurt Warner are must re-signs, but look for them to make a move at both the RB and TE position.


Dansby, Karlos LB 4 8,067,000 RED
Warner, Kurt QB 10 6,004,500 GREEN
Smith, Antonio DE 3 2,020,500 GREEN
Green, Eric DC 3 2,020,000 ORANGE
Berry, Bert DE 10 2,005,500 ORANGE
Haggans, Clark LB 8 1,353,500 ORANGE
Brown, Elton OG 3 932,000 YELLOW
Beisel, Monty LB 7 905,000 ORANGE
Smith, Terrelle RB 8 851,500 ORANGE
Arrington, J.J. RS 3 754,500 PURPLE
St. Pierre, Brian QB 4 469,500 YELLOW
Brown, Ralph DC 8 448,000 ORANGE
Peters, Scott OC 4 274,500 ORANGE
Graham, Ben PT 3 122,500 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - Karlos Dansby

Starters - Five

Must Re-Sign - Kurt Warner

Team Top FA Needs - TE, RB, OG

Comments - I believe the club would like to have return specialist J. J. Arrington back. particularly since it is unlikely that Edgerrin James is highly unlikely to return for the 2009 season. Bert Berry is a valuable asset as a pass rusher in sub packages, but he appears to have slipped some over the last two seasons. Antonio Smith is a journeyman starter who the club would like to have back, but the key to the Cardinals is the return of Kurt Warner and Karlos Dansby to the fold. Former starter Eric Green is likely to move on to greener pastures as is vourneyman back up Monty Beisel. Elton Brown is an over rated, bad body player who has shown little,

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