Atlanta Falcons Free Agent Confidential

The Falcons are out to prove in 2009, that last year's turn around was certainly not a fluke and with twenty-one and a half million in cap space, I like their chances. There is some age on the defensive side, but some interesting free agents that could upgrade this up and coming squad.

Atlanta Falcons

Milloy, Lawyer DB 12 2,535,500 ORANGE
Jefferson, Jason DT 3 2,137,000 PURPLE
Boley, Michael LB 3 2,021,000 GREEN
Jackson, Grady DT 11 1,666,500 ORANGE
Koenen, Michael PT 3 1,422,500 BLACK
Davis, Chauncey DE 3 932,000 BLACK
Foxworth, Domonique DB 3 927,000 GREEN
Peelle, Justin TE 6 645,000 ORANGE
Gandy, Wayne OT 14 485,500 ORANGE
Gilbert, Tony LB 5 445,000 ORANGE
Wire, Coy LB 6 445,000 ORANGE
Pollard, Marcus TE 13 52,500 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - Michael Boley

Starters - Seven

Must Re-Sign - Michael Boley

Team Top FA Need - DT, DC, DS

Comments - Offensively there is no player on the Falcons UFA grouping that are worth considering. Neither tight end can play any longer and after 14 years in the league Wayne Gandy is totally beat up physically. Defensively Michael Boley is a solid journeyman player as is Domonique Foxworth, acquired prior to the season from the Denver Broncos. The dilemma facing the Falcons this off season is that two of their best defensive players Lawyer Milloy and run stopping nose tackle Grady Jackson are 12 and 11 year veteran who also appear to be near the end of the line. Chauncey Davis has flashed some pass rush skills, but overall all other players on their twelve man free agent roster are just guys. I also think the secondary lacks depth and experience. They are going to be in the thick of it again in 2009, but a key injury at a critical position could cause some real problems for the Falcons

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