Baltimore Ravens Free Agent Confidential

Although the Ravens cap number of just over 104 million dollars put them just about 19 million under the cap, keep in mind that their are a number of pricey restricted free agents and a college draft in their immediate future. Tom Marino gives Ravens fans a look at what their Club might be thinking.


Lewis, Ray LB 12 9,429,000 RED
Suggs, Terrell LB 5 8,475,000 RED
Scott, Bart LB 6 5,569,500 GREEN
Boller, Kyle QB 5 3,255,000 ORANGE
Stover, Matt KS 18 1,482,500 ORANGE
Brown, Jason OC 3 1,422,000 GREEN
Wilcox, Daniel TE 5 1,098,000 ORANGE
Ivy, Corey DB 6 818,000 ORANGE
Leonhard, Jim DB 3 523,000 BLACK
Bouman, Todd QB 9 445,000 ORANGE
Neal, Lorenzo RB 15 445,000 ORANGE
Copper, Terrance WR 4 235,500 ORANGE
Slaughter, Chad OT 6 157,000 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - Terrell Suggs

Starters - Five

Must Re-Sign - Terrell Suggs, Jason Brown

Team Top FA Need - WR, OT

Comments - The Ravens have three starting linebackers on their list of unrestructed free agents but due to the fact they probably don't have the needed cap space to sign all three it well might signal the end of the line for the team's defensive leader and heart and soul Ray Lewis. The Ravings saving grace may be the fact that at 33 years of age it is unlikely anyone within the league with the possible exception of Rex Ryan and the NY Jets, is going to make a long term investment in a 13 year veteran. The Ravens offensive line is already very thin, so the versatile Jason Brown is in my opinion an improtant re-sign. Daniel Wilcox has been a serviceable back up tight end that the club would like to have back in 2009 while Kyle Boller, injured for the entire 2008 season, has been a major disappointment, but the strong armed quarterback is likely to attract some attention from some left coast clubs (49ers and Seahawks) with a real need at the quarterback position. I was a member of Saints scouting staff about a hundred years ago when we drafted Lorenzo Neal and as a lead blocker, he is still nearly two decades later, a very special football player.

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