Buffalo Bills Free Agent Confidential

Even 25 million under this year's 123 million cap number don't expect the Bills to compete for either of their two big ticket free agents (Losman and Fowler). Which of this year's free agent is a must re-sign? Veteran pro scout Tom Marino has thoughts shares them with the readers at scout.com


Fowler, Melvin OC 6 3,321,000 ORANGE
Losman, J.P. QB 4 3,068,500 GREEN
Crowell, Angelo LB 5 1,968,500 GREEN
Preston, Duke OC 3 1,035,000 GREEN
Greer, Jabari DB 4 1,015,000 GREEN
Whittle, Jason OG 9 772,000 ORANGE
Chambers, Kirk OT 3 525,500 PURPLE
McIntyre, Corey RB 3 397,500 BLACK
Lehman, Teddy LB 4 209,500 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - J.P. Losman

Starters - Six

Must Re-Sign - Jabari Greer

Team Top FA Need - TE, FB, DT

Comments - The small market Bills face a real dilemma in that many of this year's UFA's group are people the club would obviously like to re-sign for the 2009 season. Kirk Chambers is a big tough guy who performed very well last season replacing Jason Peters. Duke Preston also did a particularly good job and actually beat out former starter Melvin Fowler. Unless Fowler were to drastically restructure his 2009 contract, it is highly unlikely he will return. Angelo Crowell is a good football player, but once cleared to play in 2008 he seeked a second opinion and eventually was put on injured reserve. Is there now bad blood between the player and management? We'll know soon enough. Jabari Greer is the most important of the Bills UFA's, but keep in mind the Bills are a small market club and the very high priority the NFL puts on cover corners. Teddy Lehman has had a lot of injuries, both in Detroit and Buffalo, and is unlikely to return. You can forget about Losman, who I believe will become a very hot property within the league. McIntyre is a good special teams player, but the FB position is no longer a priority within the league. Jason Whittle is a decending veteran with no market.

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