Chicago Bears Free Agent Confidential

If the Bears are going to keep pace with the Vikings and Packers in the competitive NFC North division, in my opinion they are going to have to make some waves during this years free agency period. There not very deep in the secondary and their just not good enough at the wide receiver position.

Chicago Bears

Grossman, Rex QB 5 3,000,000 ORANGE
Miller, Fred OT 12 2,859,000 ORANGE
Brown, Mike DB 8 1,666,500 GREEN
McGowan, Brandon DB 3 1,421,500 ORANGE
St. Clair, John OT 8 1,025,000 ORANGE
McClover, Darrell LB 4 562,500 BLACK
Lloyd, Brandon WR 5 485,000 ORANGE
Jones, Kevin RB 4 445,000 ORANGE
Worrell, Cameron DB 5 26,000 YELLOW

Top Free Agent - Mike Brown

Starters - Three

Must Re-Sign - None

Team Top FA Need - OT, WR, QB

Comments - Mike Brown is a solid safety, but the oft injured veteran can no longer be countered upon to line up over the long haul. The offensive tackle position is particularly unsettled (Miller is likely finished, St Clair is at best a journeyman and Chris Williams has some real medical concerns.) It is unlikely that back up quarterback Rex Grossman will be re-signed, but the club will likely put it's name into the J.P. Losman sweepstakes,. The Colts, Jaguars, Seahawks, Jets, Chiefs, 49ers and Buccaneers are all possabilities for the strong armed quarterback who attended UCLA and Tulane. The good news for the Bears is that it is highly unlikely any of these free agents are going to sign with another club and come back to bite them; the bad news is that the Bears just don't have enough high level football people. I wouldn't be surprised if the Bears did not re-sign a single free agent although Darrell McClover does show some promise.

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