Cleveland Browns Free Agent Confidential

This Cleveland Browns football club is in big trouble! With more than one hundred and sixteen of the one hundred and twenty-three million dollars of cap money already committed, expect numerous changes to the roster that finished the season in the coming weeks.


McGinest, Willie LB 14 3,666,668 ORANGE
Davis, Andra LB 6 3,600,000 ORANGE
Jones, Sean DB 4 2,415,720 PURPLE
Holly, Daven DB 3 1,423,360 BLACK
Wright, Jason RB 3 945,500 BLACK
Daniels, Travis DB 3 927,000 ORANGE
Griffin, Kris LB 3 704,800 BLACK
Dinkins, Darnell TE 6 681,668 ORANGE
Adams, Mike DB 4 658,600 ORANGE
Young, Scott OG 3 520,000 BLACK
McKinney, Seth OG 6 490,640 ORANGE
Friedman, Lennie OC 9 488,960 ORANGE
Orr, Shantee LB 4 449,320 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - Andra Davis

Starters - Three

Must Re-Sign - Sean Jones

Team Top FA Need - RB, DT, LB

Comments - This club has a very long way to go to right this wrong from the last administration and I'm not certain they have the people in place on the administrative side to pull it off. Only three starters are among the 13 players that appear on the Browns free agent list Sean Jones is easiest the most desirable of all the Browns free agents, but his play in 2008 was uneven. Andra Davis has always been a productive play-making inside backer and would be hard to replace. He should receive some moderate consideration as a second level performer. I would never put a lot of money into a a 37 year old starter (Willie McGinest) and with a coaching change I would suspect his career might well be nearing a conclusion. Former Dolphins corner Travis Daniels is a skilled player with size, but really lacks the juice to be a wining corner in this league. All three offensive linemen; Seth McKinney, Lennie Friedman and Scott Young are at best journeymen players and not likely to receive much attention within the league. In terms of talent, this is far from a quality group.

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