NFL Draft Q&A: Juaquin Iglesias, Part 2

Oklahoma wide receiver Juaquin Iglesias talks about his NFL Scouting Combine preparations, NFL teams he talked to at the Senior Bowl and more in the second half of this exclusive interview with Ed Thompson.

Ed Thompson: Juaquin, how is the training going, and what's your daily routine like in Atlanta?

Juaquin Iglesias: It's going well, I'm just trying to get everything polished up and ready for the Combine. I wake up, run routes and catch balls with the quarterbacks. From there we go straight into working out, doing agility stuff, working on your 40 starts, the drills, then lift weights, and then downtime after that.

Thompson: Are there players working out at the facility that you were familiar with before you started working out there?

Iglesias: Manuel Johnson is down here, he's a receiver from Oklahoma. Rhett Bomar, the quarterback from Sam Houston State, Texas Tech's Graham Harrell is down here and Stephen Hodge, the safety from TCU.

Thompson: So even though you don't have Sam Bradford there, you still have a couple of really good quarterbacks to toss some passes your way.

Iglesias: Right. There are a lot of other ones here that are good quarterbacks, too.

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Thompson: What do you do when you have some downtime?

Iglesias: Sleep, and get some time with my girlfriend. Watch movies, play video games, and relax at the house, lay around and watch TV-- things like that.

Thompson: As you talked to teams at the Senior Bowl, were there any team interviews that were particularly memorable because of who you got to meet or the types of questions they asked?

Iglesias: I think the person that stuck out the most was Bill Parcells. I'm a Cowboys fan and growing up, seeing him with the Cowboys, it was good seeing him down there. It was good seeing all of the coaches you see on Sunday. They all seem like really good guys—it's a business and you can definitely see that part of it—but at the end of the day, meeting new people is always good.

Thompson: Who were a couple of the other teams you had a chance to talk to?

Iglesias: I talked to the Panthers, Vikings…I pretty much talked to everybody at least once.

Thompson: What was it you wanted teams to know about you as a person?

Iglesias: That there's more to me than just football. I'm a good guy, I'm going to do things right. I'm going to work hard on and off the field to help their team. That I'm somebody they can trust, and just show them it's more than just football to me. I have a lot of people around me I care about, and that's one of the things that helps me work as hard as I do right now.

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