Denver Broncos Free Agent Confidential

The Broncos wasted little time in trimming down their roster in anticipation of free agency. The club is going to have to make significant improvement to their undersized defensive front, but don't be surprised if the Broncos don't make a serious run at Giants prized running back Derrick Ward.


Nalen, Tom OC 14 4,106,000 GREEN
Ramsey, Patrick QB 6 3,177,500 ORANGE
Ekuban, Ebenezer DE 9 2,716,500 GREEN
Smith, Rod WR 13 2,046,500 RETIRED
McCree, Marlon DB 7 2,005,500 GREEN
Jackson, Darrell WR 8 1,500,000 ORANGE
Webster, Nate LB 8 1,030,000 GREEN
Paymah, Karl DB 3 933,500 BLACK
Peterson, Kenny DT 5 611,600 ORANGE
Pittman, Michael RB 10 346,000 ORANGE
Shepherd, Edell WR 3 276,500 BLACK
Bell, Tatum RB 4 183,000 ORANGE
Putzier, Jeb TE 6 78,500 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - Ebenezer Ebkuban

Starters - Four

Must Re-Sign -

Team Top FA Need - DT,

Comments - I almost expected to see Frank quarterback Frank Tripucka and running back Gene Mingo on this extensive list of second and third level players; five of whom either started or finished the season on the injured reserve list. . The Broncos have a very long way to go and virtually nobody on this ageing list of UFA's will be there when they return to their past glory. Tom Nalen missed the entire 2008 with injury and after 15 seasons in the league this undersized center career is likely over, but I've got to tell you, I have to believe he's the quickest center I've ever seen in the professional game. His ability to reach and block playside was second to none. Tatum Bell looked pretty good in the season finale, but less than a month before was selling cell phones at a Denver mall, Rod Smith is essentially retired, Edell Shepherd and Darnell Jackson are journeymen. Ebenezer, Webster and McCree are all starters on a very average defensive unit while much traveled back up quarterback Patrick Ramsey, is what he is; a strong armed QB with limited quickness and mobility.

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