Detroit Lions Free Agent Confidential

I know many of you loyal Lions fans don't want to hear this, but the key word you should remember when considering the fortunes of your football team is "Patience." The good news for the fans is that the Lions have nearly 30 million dollars of cap space approaching free agency.

Detroit Lions

Hanson, Jason KS 16 2,080,500 GREEN
Lenon, Paris LB 6 1,800,000 PURPLE
McDonald, Shaun WR 5 1,678,000 PURPLE
Cody, Shaun NT 3 1,120,000 GREEN
Foster, George OT 5 1,106,500 ORANGE
Johnson, Rudi RB 7 1,100,000 ORANGE
Moore, Langston DT 3 1,038,000 ORANGE
Peterman, Stephen OG 3 933,500 ORANGE
Orlovsky, Dan QB 3 933,000 BLACK
Wilson, Stanley DB 3 932,500 ORANGE
Smith, Corey DE 5 806,000 ORANGE
Owens, John TE 5 490,500 ORANGE
Nece, Ryan LB 6 485,000 ORANGE
McCollum, Andy OC 14 467,500 ORANGE
Cook, Damion OG 4 445,000 BLACK
Cason, Aveion RB 6 398,000 ORANGE
Norris, Moran RB 7 314,000 ORANGE
Colbert, Keary WR 4 104,500 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - Paris Lenon

Starters - Six

Must Re-Sign - Shaun Cody

Team Top FA Need - DC, OG, DT

Comments - The bad news is that the Lions have 18 player on their UFA list, but the good news is that there isn't a top level front line free agent in the entire group. Of the group, I believe Shaun Cody has an upside and veteran linebacker Paris Lenon is a serviceable backer. Offensive tackle George Foster a few seasons back looked like the real deal, but he has shown little since joining the Lions two seasons ago.. Some people around the league like young quarterback Dan Orlovsky; I'm not one of them. I have a master's degree in Shaun McDonald having been totally involved in the entire draft process with the Rams, but see the little fellow as nothing better than a fourth receiver on a championship level club. What's particularly upsetting about him is his unwillingness and inability to effectively return punts and play on special teams. John Owens has been with about six or seven teams over his career and is just a guy in my opinion. The rest of the group are no better than journeymen players who offer little in the way of help for this or any other football club with in the league. It's totally over for center Andy McCollum and running back Rudi Johnson. All that being said, I'm a big fan of Martin Mayhew. He's smart, understands the game and should be be judged on what decisions were made during the Matt Millen era.

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