Green Bay Packers Free Agent Confidential

The Pack approach free agency in as good of shape as any club in the NFL. With only 1 starter exposed to free agency and over 30 million under the 123 million dolar 2009 cap figure, look for the Packers under the leadership of pro director Reggie McKenzie to fill some large holes on the defense.

Green Bay Packers

Tauscher, Mark OT 8 6,271,000 GREEN
Cole, Colin DT 3 1,421,500 ORANGE
Montgomery, Mike DE 3 550,000 BLACK

Top Free Agent - Mark Tauscher

Starters - Two

Must Re-Sign - Mark Tauscher

Team Top FA Need - OG, OT, TE

Comments - The Packers organization were flat out embarrassed by their play in 2008, but I really don't see any reason why this club can't turn it around in 2009. The major reason for the clubs uneven play early on was the 2008 season can be directly related to the work of the offensive front. When we couple that fact with the injuries in the second half of the season to the defensive and we can better understand the Packers fall from grace in the NFC North. You have to love Mark Tauscher's career as a Packer. An unheralded seventh round selection in 2000, all the U of Wisconsin product has done is played to a championship level throughout his entire professional playing career. His cap number is a little higher than I expected, but he's also far too important to lose, particularly given the lack of depth along the O-line. Tackle Mike Mongomery was a very pleasent surprise this past year and after developing him over the past four season, I'm certain the Packer do not want to lose him via free agency. Former Viking and Lions tackle Colin Cole has shown during his four year professional playing career.

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