Houston Texans Free Agent Confidential

Make no mistakes, but this is a talented young club. The time has come to stop using the youth & inexperience excuse when discussing their less than satisfactory finishes in recent years. With better than 23 million under the cap, the Texans have a chance to make things happen during the FA period.

Houston Texans

Faggins, Demarcus DB 6 1,700,000 PURPLE
Brown, C.C. DB 3 1,423,500 PURPLE
Zgonina, Jeff NT 14 1,055,000 ORANGE
Wilson, Eugene DB 5 750,000 ORANGE
Pittman, Bryan LS 5 585,500 ORANGE
White, Chris OC 3 526,500 PURPLE
Ferguson, Nick DB 8 491,500 ORANGE
Bruener, Mark TE 13 491,000 ORANGE
Sapp, Cecil RB 4 340,500 ORANGE
Jackson, Scott OC 3 236,500 BLACK
Williams, Jimmy DB 6 232,500 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - C.C. Brown

Starters - Two

Must Re-Sign - none

Team Top FA Need - DS, OG, OT

Comments - The Texans appear to have finally turn the corner and are now in a position to finally challenge for a playoff spot in the highly competitive AFC South division. Only one current starter is among the Texans current 2009 Unrestricted Free Agents, but the bad news for the Texans is that of the available eleven players on the list, just under half (five) are defensive backs including two experienced starters. None are considered game changers, but it is extremely difficult and dangerous to make wholesale changes at a key position within the same year, After fifteen and fourteen years of playing experience respectively, I see little chance that either defensive tackle Jeff Zqonina or tight end Mark Bruener, will return for another year. I really like the make up of this football team, but unless they can become more consistent at the quarterback position and develop more depth on both sides of the football the road to the Super Bowl might be significantly longer than anticipated.

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