Indianapolis Colts Free Agent Confidential

For nearly a decade, this Colts club was among the best in professional football. The key to their success, one Peyton Manning is still at the helm and still at or near the top of his game, but the surrounding cast is fading fast and the club has some very serious cap problems to deal with today.

Indianapolis Colts

Saturday, Jeff OC 9 5,188,500 GREEN
Hagler, Tyjuan LB 3 1,423,500 PURPLE
Thomas, Josh DE 4 1,000,000 PURPLE
Giordano, Matt DB 3 932,500 ORANGE
Reid, Darrell DT 3 930,850 ORANGE
Hayden, Kelvin DB 3 807,500 ORANGE
Rhodes, Dominic RB 7 486,500 ORANGE
Ratliff, Keiwan DB 4 433,500 ORANGE
Davenport, Najeh RB 6 78,500 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - Jeff Saturday

Starters - Two

Must Re-Sign - None

Team Top FA Need - LB, DC, WR

Comments - Once again the club faces the unenviable task of rebuilding around it's franchise quarterback Peyton Manning. Running back Dominic Rhodes, returned early in the 2008 season and made a solid contribution, but is at best a journeyman back up player. At the right price, the Colts would certainly welcome his return. The same can not be said for offensive center Jeff Saturday, a ten year veteran who is almost certain to become a salary cap casualty. Teams in this league do not normally commit five million dollars to the offensive center position, and with the emergence of three rookie offensive linemen in 2008, I would say his days as a Colt are likely over. Another fixture who is not likely to return is 36 year old receiver Marvin Harrison. The 13 year veteran no longer possesses the deep speed, is showing sign of breaking down physically and although he will not be charged in the shooting that injured three individuals outside of one of his business in Philadelphia. My belief is that the club will cut ties with the future Hall of Fame receiver and his big cap number prior to the start of free agency. Any club that has Peyton at the helm is going to have a chance, but age, injury and some very high cap numbers are going to make it increasingly more difficult for the Colts to compete at a championship level.

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