Kansas City Chiefs Free Agent Confidential

As the NFL's annual free agent period nears, the Chiefs from a cap perspective are in excellent shape to add significant help on both sides of the football. New GM Scott Pioli would certainly like to acquire QB Matt Cassell from his former club, but the price to do so might well be too steep.

Kansas City Chiefs

McGraw, Jon DB 6 695,000 ORANGE
Jones, Adrian OG 4 610,500 BLACK
Thomas, Patrick LB 3 450,640 YELLOW
Boiman, Rocky LB 6 288,000 ORANGE
Celestin, Oliver DB 4 287,000 ORANGE
Babin, Jason DE 4 251,000 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - none

Starters - Zero

Must Re-Sign - none

Team Top FA Need - QB, DS, OG

Comments - Well the good news is that there is nobody on the Chiefs list of unrestricted free agents that is going to sign with another club and end up biting them down the line. Some additional good news for the Chiefs in that there isn't likely to be much interest in any of the seven free agents from member team's around the league. No matter how the new head coach and GM try and spin this, the Chiefs are not going to be able to compete within the league, conference or division until they draft, sign as a free agent and or develop a top level quarterback. None of the four QB's currently on the roster possess the type of skills it will take to get them where they want to go. Other than the defensive line, the tight end position and possibly the running back position, there is not a single position that I would consider even remotely adequate. At first glance, the Patriots, Eagles and Browns appear to be the only potential suiters for running back Larry Johnson, but don't expect much more than a mid to late round draft selection in return for this less than stable individual. It's going to take time, but without that special person spinning the football, it will happen a lot latter than even the most avid fan is willing to wait.

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