NFL Combine: Daniel Proving Himself Again

After passing for more than 4,300 yards and 39 touchdowns in 2008, you would think that quarterback Chase Daniel would have little to prove at the NFL Scouting Combine. Find out what he had to say on that topic and much more while inside the media room in Indianapolis on Friday.

On Friday morning at the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis, Missouri quarterback Chase Daniel was hopeful that he had finally put a false rumor to rest when he measured in at 6-foot tall and 218 pounds.

"Everyone thinks I'm 5-10," Daniel said with a laugh. "That's the second time I've measured at 6-feet tall, so maybe some people will start believing I'm 6-foot."

While it might seem to be a minor issue to some, Daniel knew that the height measurement was of substantial importance to his draft stock this April. 

"Teams would probably mark me off their draft board. That's what happened with Chris Leak a couple of years ago," Daniel said. "It was big. I knew I was 6-foot all along. I measured 6-foot at the East-West game more than a month ago. I didn't lose any sleep over it all."

With his measurements and his medical exam under his belt, Daniel was ready to focus his attention on the upcoming drills and workouts that would be observed and scrutinized by pro coaches and general managers. And he knows exactly what he needs to show them this weekend in Indy.

"For me, coming from under center and taking the drops back and setting up passing and getting the ball out quick. It's something I definitely have to show. And it is definitely something I think I can do," he said.

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As he talked to the NFL coaches who have gathered in Indianapolis, he was pleasantly surprised to learn that the spread offense doesn't seem to have the negative reputation that it once had at the pro level. According to Daniel, coaches were telling the him that the NFL is actually moving that direction—and that eventually the league will consist primarily of shotgun teams.

"And that's really how it is right now. You look at some teams, and they're 80-percent shotgun," the Missouri quarterback said.  "The Cincinnati Bengals said they were in the shotgun 80 percent of the time.  Indianapolis Colts, New England Patriots ... Drew Brees is in the shotgun every single snap almost. 

"There are some teams that will never change, but I'm not planning on being drafted by a team like that."

That said, Daniel doesn't think the type of offense he's placed in at the next level will make a huge difference in determining how successful he'll be.

"I'm not worried at all. Playing quarterback is playing quarterback, whether it's under center or the spread," he said.

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On his offseason training with Jerry Rhome: 
"It's made a big difference. Not only has my arm gotten stronger, but I've gotten quicker from under center, I've gotten faster, and I've gotten set up a lot quicker so the ball can come out faster.

On guys like McCoy and Bradford not coming out:
"It was up to them. I knew Colt was going to stay in. He told me a while ago. But it helps. That's one less quarterback you have to worry about."

On his arm strength and skill set:
"My arm is stronger than it was in college. I'm not worried about that at all. I think I bring a lot to the NFL. I think I'm mobile enough and intelligent enough and more than accurate enough to play in the league. And those are the three main factors you have to have to play in the NFL."

On having to prove himself again:
"No doubt about it. I've been down the road a lot, even when I was in college, even when I was a Heisman Trophy finalist. It's another challenge, it's another hurdle to step over."

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