Breaking Down the NFL Combine Quarterbacks's Adam Caplan had a chance to watch the quarterbacks perform at the NFL combine on Sunday and breaks them down in this report.

Indianapolis, IND.--

Jason Boltus/6041/242/Hartwick College - The small school signal caller got his chance to show what he could do and he didn't come through well. Boltus was inaccurate to some degree on most of his throws and tended to push his throws instead of using a strong throwing motion. He also lacks ideal NFL arm strength.

Rhett Bomar/6022/225/Sam Houston St. - As advertised, Bomar's solid arm strength was apparent. However, so was his inaccuracy which was also a problem during Senior Bowl week practices. Most of his problem stems from a poor release point which will have to be adjusted at the next level. Putting good touch on the ball continues to be a problem for him.

Tom Brandstater/6050/220/Fresno St. - Here's a quarterback that I had heard looked good during East-West Shrine practices and he didn't disappoint here, either. Brandstater has an above average arm and while not having great athleticism, he easily made just about every throw he was asked to make with good timing. What also stood out was the touch he put on the ball and he seemed to lay it right in there on deeper passes to his receivers. He also had surprisingly good touch on deeper passes.

Nathan Brown/6005/219/Central Arkansas - He actually performed better than expected. Brown's arm will never be confused with Jay Cutler or Joe Flacco's, but he put nice touch on some of his throws on the intermediate level. However, and we saw it during Senior Bowl practices, his poor release point will cause the passes to go off the mark from time to time. He also struggled on deeper throws, but at least he showed that he's worth taking a shot in the late rounds or as a priority free agents--I wasn't willing to say that after watching him in Mobile last month.

Hunter Cantwell/6043/235/Louisville - His accuracy was all over place and like some of these quarterbacks, he has a poor release point which will have to be adjusted at the next level. It's really hard to find one positive thing from this guy that I saw.

Rudy Carpenter/6015/218Arizona St. - He did nothing to stand out during Sunday's session. Carpenter has an average arm and didn't throw well during deeper routes. He was decent on the shorter to immediate passing plays.

Chase Daniel/6000/218/Missouri - Daniel did a nice job of throwing with touch on his shorter passes, but he struggled when he had to take a seven-step drop and was asked to throw the ball deeper. Daniel also had trouble driving the ball to the flanks. However, he did well enough to show he has a chance to make it as a backup at the next level.

Nate Davis/6013/226/Ball St. - The MAC quarterback had an inconsistent practice session. At times, you can see why there was a buzz associated with him. But the problem was he tried to to throw the ball hard it seemed which caused the ball to sail off the mark a bit.

Josh Freeman/6056/248/Kansas St. - He certainly has ideal size and arm strength, but Freeman lacks good touch and he didn't have ideal timing with his receivers. He needed to do a better job of getting the ball out of his hands more quickly as well.

Cullen Harper/6030/225/Clemson - Like we saw during Senior Bowl practices, Harper has a strong arm, but lacks any kind of consistency or accuracy. He, like some of the others, has a poor release point which causes the ball to go off the mark way too much.

Graham Harrell/6021/223/Texas Tech - Every once in a while, Harrell would make a nice, strong throw, but he tended to throw the ball off the mark during the practice session. I saw nothing there that suggests he'll be anything better than a seventh-round pick. Harrell lacks the kind of ideal arm strength and accuracy to make it at the next level.

Chase Holbrook/6041/242/New Mexico St. - While Holbrook has really good size, he lacks consistent accuracy. He rarely made two good throws consecutively, but he does possess a strong arm.

Brian Hoyer/6020/215/Michigan St. - Here's a guy who was very impressive, yet showed why he'll be a second day selection. Hoyer probably did the best job of throwing with timing anticipation with his receivers of the entire group. He often got the ball out of his hands while his receiver was in his route and the ball was there right when it needed to be. However, and this was a constant problem for many of them, he couldn't drive the ball deep. Hoyer, to me, is a West Coast offensive system quarterback. He'll be great on throws of 20 yards or shorter and he can throw into a tight window, but he's not going to be good for a deep passing game.

Stephen McGee/6027/225/Texas A&M - Here's a guy who was fairly impressive. McGee showed to have good pocket movement and a better than average arm. He consistently hit his intended target in stride. Where he didn't get the job done was with deep comebacks or throws to the sidelines. He definitely helped himself here and was able to hit on several intermediate passes.

Curtis Painter/6027/225/Purdue - At times, Painter was very impressive, displaying good arm strength and accuracy. But as was the case with many of the quarterbacks, his timing with the receivers was a problem and he tendered to press.

Mike Reilly/6030/214/Central Arkansas - I can see why the small school quarterback was invited to Indianapolis. Reilly has a decent arm, but accuracy, like from many of the signal callers, was a problem. He did nothing to stand out, but he did show he can make many different types of throws.

Mark Sanchez/6021/227/Southern California - Like many of the quarterbacks here, he had an above average arm, but accuracy was a problem. Sanchez was also a hair late on some of his throws and that's something that will be an issue at the next level. Defenses simply will not give you the same amount of time to throw it like he saw in college. I can see why he's supposed to be a first-round pick, but Sanchez wasn't overly impressive so I don't see him being a franchise type of quarterback.

Matthew Stafford/6022/225/Georgia - He was the only quarterback not to throw on Sunday. As seems to be the case with a lot of them, he measured smaller than expected (some reports had him closer to 6'4"). Still, he's viewed as the top passer for this year's draft.

Pat White/6002/197/West Virginia - Like during Senior Bowl week practices and even the game, White was very impressive. What he has is really good touch with his passes and displays good timing and anticipation with his receivers. What you also have to like is that he sees the field well and he seems to be aware of where to put the ball. The one problem that he has is when he has to drive the ball on a deep comeback for example. Making tougher throws, especially NFL type throws, will be the biggest challenge for him. But accuracy certainly doesn't look to be a problem--unlike what we saw from many of the others here. And what also helped him was an impressive 40-time. Where that will come into play is with teams that are going to look at him in a hybrid role.

Drew Willy/6031/215/Buffalo - While he has good size, Willy threw lazy passes and was not impressive at all. He really seems to lack the ability to drive the ball off of his back foot and doesn't get enough torque into his throws.

John Parker Wilson/6014/219/Alabama - Every once in a while, Wilson would make a really strong throw, but he rarely was able to put consecutive good throws together. Quite frankly, he lacks ideal talent to be nothing more than a No. 3 QB at the next level.

Note: Heights and weights are from the official measurements taken at the NFL combine

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