New Orleans Saints Free Agent Confidential

Jon Vilma is a must re-sign, but if a deal had been made prior to the start of free agency, the Saints would have been faced with a very unusual dilemma. Former NFL scout Tom Marino spent 13 seasons on the Saints scouting staff and gives his opinions on what direction the club might pursue.

New Orleans Saints

Harrington, Joey QB 6 7,741,000 ORANGE
Vilma, Jonathan LB 4 4,097,500 GREEN
Stinchcomb, Jon OT 5 4,000,000 GREEN
Henderson, Devery WR 4 2,000,000 GREEN
Stecker, Aaron RB 8 1,300,000 PURPLE
Campbell, Mark TE 9 1,266,500 ORANGE
Lake, Antwan DT 5 1,225,000 ORANGE
Evans, Troy LB 6 665,000 ORANGE
Glenn, Aaron DB 14 488,500 ORANGE
Lehr, Matt OC 7 475,000 PURPLE
Gramatica, Martin KS 8 339,000 GREEN
Reed, James DT 7 230,000 ORANGE
Holt, Terrence DB 5 104,500 ORANGE
Lehan, Michael DB 5 52,000 YELLOW
P> Top Free Agent - Jonathan Vilma

Starters - Three

Must Re-Sign - Jonathan Vilma

Team Top FA Need - RB, WR, OG

Comments - Vilma was a very pleasant surprise, particularly with the Dan Morgan retirement prior to the season. Well Morgan is back and the Saints hope he can avoid a repeat of the reoccurring concussion history which has plagued him for his entire career. Vilma is another story, if re-signed before the start of free agency, the Saints would owe the New York Jets a second-round pick in this year's draft instead of a third. Since the Saints do not have a second (part of the deal for Jeremy Shockey, the Saints would then owe the Jets a first round selection so signing him before the start of free agency is out of the question. Devery Henderson has size and real speed, but his hands have never been any better than adequate. Aaron Stecker has proven to be a tough contributing runner and special teams player, but is nearing the end of the line. Jon Stinchcomb has been a very dependable tackle on the right side for the Saints and most certainly will need to be resigned. The Saints most certainly would like to have Mark Campbell back, but the number has to make sense. Antwan Lake is a steady back up who the Saints would like to re-sign. Don't expect Joey Harrington and his astronomical cap number to be back with the Saints. In seven seasons he made a great deal of money and his overall playing production has been minimal. I'm certain the Saints had hope that Martin Gramatica would be back to reclaim his kicking job from Garrett Hartley, but Hartley proved to be a very accurate and dependable medium range kicker, particularly down the stretch.. Expect him to be tendered as a RFA. The rest of the lot are marginal and are unlikely to attract much interest.

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