New York Giants Free Agent Confidential

It's difficult to envision the Giants having any impact during the free agency period and will likely have to make some cap adjustments to put themselves into a more comfortable draft position.

NY Giants

Toomer, Amani WR 12 5,200,000 ORANGE
Strahan, Michael DE 14 2,728,500 RETIRED
McQuarters, R.W. DB 10 2,100,000 GREEN
Butler, James DB 3 1,421,000 PURPLE
Ward, Derrick RB 4 1,402,500 GREEN
Wright, Anthony QB 8 1,130,000 ORANGE
Carr, David QB 6 1,000,000 ORANGE
McDougle, Jerome DE 4 1,000,000 ORANGE
Ruegamer, Grey OC 9 833,500 ORANGE
Wynn, Renaldo DE 11 485,600 ORANGE
Carney, John KS 18 445,000 ORANGE
O'Neil, Keith LB 4 4,000 YELLOW

Top Free Agent - Derrick Ward

Starters - Two

Must Re-Sign - None

Team Top FA Need - LB, WR, DT

Franchise Player - Brandon Jacobs

Comments - With the re-signing of Brandon Jacobs, quickly developed into one of the top backs in the league over the last two seasons and being close to 117 million dollars already committed to 2009 players salaries, the Giants appear to have some serious problems as they approach the free agency period. The plan was to upgrade the wide receiver and linebacker positions significantly this off season, but it is unlikely they will be able to do so given the financial restraints. His back up, Derrick Ward, a former Jets free agent from Ottawa (KA) by way of Fresno State was nothing short of sensational in a secondary role, but there is absolutely no chance of him returning. He has excellent size, balance, power and speed, but the big knock on him has been his inability to stay healthy over the course of his professional playing career. He is certain to attract a lot of attention in the open market with clubs like Denver, Tampa Bay, Cincinnati and Cleveland heading up the list of potential suitors. Sure the Giants will miss RB Derrick Ward, but look for last season's training camp surprise Danny Ware to pick up the slack in his absence. Don't be surprised if James Butler, a starter in 2008, takes his game to St. Louis and be reunited with former Giants defensive coordinator and new Rams head coach Steve Spagnuolo. R.W. McQuarters, Amani Toomer, Renaldo Wynn and kicker John Carney have a combined 55 years of playing experience and although they have all performed well, it's unlikely that the club would consider signing any of the aforementioned players to multiple year contracts. Toomer in particular played poorly down the stretch, making numerous mental mistakes and the Giants feel he is finally at the end of the line. Davis Carr did well as can be expected in his brief exposure and was re-signed . The return of Osi Umenyiora, one of the very best players in the league, to the defense improves the defense significantly. Jerome McDougle and Renaldo Wynn are all but history. Injured quarterback Anthony Wright is also going to go elsewhere if he hopes to continue playing this game.

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