New York Jets Free Agent Confidential

With the retirement of Brett Favre, there is an obvious need for the club to now find a quarterback they can win with not only today and for the forseeable future. The Jets lack depth at the cornerback position and there is a real need to develop some upfield pressure from their 5 techniques (DE).

New York Jets

Barton, Eric LB 9 4,115,000 GREEN
Franks, Bubba TE 8 1,650,000 ORANGE
Nugent, Mike KS 3 934,500 ORANGE
Spencer, Cody LB 3 750,000 BLACK
Mosley, C.J. DE 3 526,000 BLACK
Carroll, Ahmad DB 3 520,000 BLACK
Richardson, Tony RB 13 491,500 ORANGE
Feely, Jay KS 7 418,800 ORANGE
Poteat, Hank DB 6 409,500 ORANGE
Chatman, Jesse RB 5 387,000 ORANGE
Law, Ty DB 13 183,000 ORANGE
Reed, J.R. DB 3 91,500 ORANGE
Hawkins, Artrell DB 9 10,000 RETIRED

Top Free Agent - Eric Barton

Starters - Three

Must Re-Sign - Jay Feely

Team Top FA Need - QB, DC, WR

Comments - Bret Farve not so shocking retirement actually gives the Jets some much needed cap help. In regard to the UFA grouping I didn't see much to get me very excited in this group of UFA's. Four seasons ago, many football people saw Ahmad Carroll as a future pro bowl player, but after some very spotty play and some off the field criminal problems the former Packers number one selection is literally fighting for his football life. The emergence of second year man Dustin Keller at the tight end position, likely spells the end of the line for veteran Bubba Franks. The much traveled Jay Feely, is still one of the very best in the league. Ty Law is clearly at the end of a brilliant playing career as is running back Tony Richardson. The emergence of Leon Washington as a back up to Thomas Jones likely spells the end of the road for Jesse Chapman. None of the rest get me thinking about future Super Bowl Championships. Where of the Jets go from here; they spent a great deal of money last year will have some very serious cap problems over the next two playing seasons. Providing he can pass a physical and will accept a incentive laden contract, look for the Jets to sign cap casualty corner Chris McAlister.

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