Oakland Raiders Free Agent Confidential

The Raiders would be well served if they could find a way to re-sign the very versatile Carlisle Cooper, a very important member of the offensive line. Not only can the U of Florida graduate play all five O-line position, he has also proven to be extremely durable.

Oakland Raiders

Carlisle, Cooper OG 8 2,406,000 GREEN
Carter, Drew WR 4 2,005,500 ORANGE
Stewart, Tony TE 7 1,154,500 ORANGE
Ekejiuba, Isaiah LB 3 933,000 BLACK
Williams, Sam LB 5 875,000 BLACK
Baker, Rashad DB 4 657,000 BLACK
Lelie, Ashley WR 5 645,000 ORANGE
Tuiasosopo, Marques QB 7 446,000 ORANGE
Joseph, William NT 5 255,500 ORANGE
Miller, Justin DB 3 214,000 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - Cooper Carlisle

Starters - One

Must Re-Sign - Cooper Carlisle

Team Top FA Need - OT,

Comments - With the Raiders cap number hovering within six million of the 2009 cap figure of one hundred and twenty-three million, it is extremely unlikely that the Raiders will any true involvement in the free agency marketplace. Nnamdi Asomugha is without question the would have been one of the true gems in this year's UFA period had he not resigned with the Raiders, but the price it took to get it done was in a word excessive. I liked but didn't love him as a college player and never dreamed that he would have developed into the player he has become. He's big (matches up well). has excellent feet, balance points, is strong enough to re-route or knock a defender off his route, has excellent ball skills and reactions. That being said, I have a very difficult time believing many of the positive comments I heard this year on recently signed corner Chris Johnson. We (Rams) acquired him from the Packers back in 2004 and aside from his foot speed, he showed me little to nothing. The Raiders re-signed punter Shane Lechler just prior to the start of free agency and have in effect one of the top three punters in the game today. The oft injured Marques Tuiasosopo must have something on somebody within the organization to still be with the club and eight seasons in the NFL. Ashley Lelie has a ton of ability but something must be missing; ditto for fellow injured reserve receiver Drew Carter. Cooper Carlisle is a smart, versatile, valuable addition to this or any other club within the league. This could be a tough off season for the Raiders, since the rest are certainly not throw away.

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