Pittsburgh Steelers Free Agent Confidential

The Steelers football club is similar in many ways to the city which they have called home since the inception of the franchise; tough hard working and very prideful. On paper their just not that impressive, but when they blow that whistle. watch out!


Smith, Marvel OT 8 6,647,000 GREEN
Batch, Charlie QB 10 1,628,500 ORANGE
Kemoeatu, Chris OG 3 1,423,000 ORANGE
Washington, Nate WR 3 1,420,000 GREEN
Essex, Trai OT 3 932,500 BLACK
McFadden, Bryant DB 3 793,000 ORANGE
Berger, Mitch PT 11 616,000 ORANGE
Frazier, Andre LB 3 565,500 ORANGE
Fox, Keyaron LB 4 490,000 PURPLE
Leftwich, Byron QB 5 485,000 ORANGE
Roye, Orpheus DE 12 485,000 ORANGE
Bryant, Fernando DB 9 183,000 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - Marvel Smith

Starters - Two

Must Re-Sign - Bryant McFadden

Team Top FA Need - OC, DC, FS

Franchise Player - Max Starks - $8,451,000

Comments - The Steelers enter the NFL's annual free agent period on Friday with three very critical things on their agenda; resign two of the three free agent offensive tackles, re-sign the fast improving corner Bryant McFadden and rising star Nate Washington. To accomplish this tall order, it's likely that sombody on the current roster must be sent packing. The offensive line is very much the clubs Achilles heel and after losing Alan Faneca to the Jets and Kendall Simmons and Marvel Smith to injury in 2008, it is critical that the club returns at least one of their high priced offensive tackles and at least two of the four UFA offensive linemen. Wide receiver Nate Washington really came on in 2008 and has a chance of developing into a sold number two receiver. Byron Leftwich is a perfect fit for the Steelers offensive system of play, and unless he is overwhelmed by an outside offer, should return to back up Roethlisberger in 2009. By the same token, I suspect Charlie Batch is at or near the end of the line. Chris Kemoeatu is a strong limited area player, but is better suited as the club's third guard. The Steelers would like to have Andre Frazier, Keyaron Fox and Bryant McFadden, but all three should attract some attention within the league. Punter Mitch Berger and Orpheus Roye have Super Bowl rings to show for their long productive time in the game.

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