San Francisco 49ers Free Agent Confidential

The 49ers were fortunate to have no player on their list of a dozen UFA's that the club desperately needs to take this club to the promised land, and are poised as Friday approaches to make a run at a run at one or more mid-level prospects.

San Francisco 49ers

Foster, DeShaun RB 6 9,090,000 ORANGE
Strickland, Donald DB 5 7,767,500 GREEN
Johnson, Bryant WR 5 2,000,000 ORANGE
Spikes, Takeo LB 10 1,700,000 ORANGE
Bajema, Billy TE 3 933,000 ORANGE
Green, Roderick LB 4 619,500 ORANGE
Fields, Ronald NT 3 572,500 BLACK
O'Sullivan, J.T. QB 5 491,000 ORANGE
Rossum, Allen DB 10 489,000 ORANGE
Martin, Jamie QB 11 419,000 ORANGE
Duckett, Damane DT 3 276,000 BLACK
Ryan, Sean TE 4 209,500 YELLOW

Top Free Agent - Bryant Johnson

Starters - One

Must Re-Sign - none

Team Top FA Need - WR, DC, QB

Comments - The 49ers just might want to re-think the money they paid to sign back ups Donald Strickland (DC) and DeShaun Foster (RB) and spend money more prudently in the future. Another high priced acquisition Bryant Johnson was over drafted by the Cardinals back in 2003 and has certainly not set the world on fire as a professional. The three represent the best of this year's 49ers unrestricted free agent grouping. Takeo Spikes who slipped badly in the last season with the Bills has not set the world on fire in the last two seasons as a member of the Eagles and 49er. J.T.. O'Sullivan is in my opinion not good enough to win with in the NFL and Jamie Martin was only around because of his knowledge of Mike Martz's offensive system of play. The Alex Smith situation bears watching; although it currently appears that the 49ers will cut bait and move on. The 49ers should be able to dump some significant cap numbers and add people who can help this football club get to the next level of their development, but their track record in drafting or signing free agents have been dismal to this point in time. The 49ers have been players in the free agent game over the year's, but management will need to make far better personnel decisions than they have in recent years.

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