St Louis Rams Free Agent Confidential

With just under 112 million already committed to next year's camp, don't expect two of the greatest players in Rams history, Orlando Pace and Tory Holt to be part of their rebuilding process.

St. Louis Rams

Glover, La'Roi DT 12 4,502,000 ORANGE
Brown, Fakhir DB 8 2,764,500 ORANGE
Hall, Dante' WR 8 1,977,500 ORANGE
Manning, Ricky DB 5 1,250,000 ORANGE
Looker, Dane WR 6 809,500 ORANGE
Bartell, Ron DB 3 711,000 PURPLE
Moore, Eric DE 3 524,500 ORANGE
Leckey, Nick OC 4 518,500 BLACK
Goldberg, Adam OT 4 490,500 ORANGE
Romberg, Brett OC 4 489,500 BLACK
Minor, Travis RB 7 475,000 ORANGE
Stills, Gary LB 9 419,500 ORANGE
Craft, Jason DB 9 366,500 ORANGE
Gorin, Brandon OT 6 274,500 YELLOW
Petitti, Rob OT 3 271,500 ORANGE
Davis, Anthony OT 4 157,000 YELLOW
Withrow, Cory OC 8 131,000 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - Ron Bartell

Starters - Three

Must Re-Sign - Ron Bartell

Team Top FA Need - DT, DC, OT

Franchise Player - Oshiomogho Atogwe - $6,342,000

Comments - I still believe if the Rams have the nucleus to make a quick turn around in the division, but to do so they are going to have to improve the defensive unit significantly. Other than safety Oshiomogho Atogwe and cornerback Ron Bartell, I really didn't one other player in the group of 18 UFA's that the Rams will attempt to resign. Atogwe is a smart dependable who made some plays while Bartell has every quality physically you look for in a corner (fast, smart and body beautiful) but he is just an average football player in my opinion.. General Manager Bill Devaney certainly has his work cut out for him and I believe will make some major changes to the fabric of this football team. I don't expect Torry Holt to be with the new look Rams in 2009 and based on his play in 2008 their future Hall of Fame left tackle Orlando Pace has slipped badly and appears to be completely broken down from a physical standpoint. Fakhir Brown is a Haslett disciple, while Travis Minor is a Scott Linehan special; neither is expected to be back next season. The rest of the group are made up of "Has Beens" (Stills, Glover, Hall and Withrow) and "Never Will Be's" (Gorin, Minor and Looker). It's not going to be easy, but after many year's of floundering from a management standpoint, the Rams finally have the pieces in place to re-build this program.

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