Tampa Bay Buccaneers Free Agent Confidential.

I'm certain the club would like to re-sign both corners Allen and Buchanon, but by releasing Derrick Brooks, Warrick Dunn, Joey Galloway, Cato June and Ike Hilliard, all top player during their careers, I believe the club signaled that they are very much in the Haynesworth or Cassel sweepstakes.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Chukwurah, Patrick DE 6 10,773,000 ORANGE
Garcia, Jeff QB 9 5,005,500 ORANGE
Buchanon, Phillip DB 6 3,158,500 GREEN
Carter, Kevin DE 13 3,004,500 ORANGE
Phillips, Jermaine DB 6 2,589,500 PURPLE
Haye, Jovan DT 3 2,023,000 PURPLE
Allen, Will DB 4 1,405,000 ORANGE
McCown, Luke QB 4 611,000 BLACK
Stevens, Jerramy TE 6 560,000 ORANGE
Hankton, Cortez WR 4 311,000 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - Antonio Bryant

Starters - Seven

Must Re-Sign - Buchanon, Phillip

Team Top FA Need -

Comments - Even with the signing of Antonio Bryant to a whopping nine million plus raise (franchise tag), the Buccaneers still have plenty of cap space to make a significant move in the highly competitive NFC South division. After disappointment in stints with Dallas, San Francisco and Cleveland, Bryant finally came into his own during the 2008 season with the Buccaneers catching 83 balls for 1248 yards and 7 touchdowns. He has always had outstanding skills, but was also said to be very immature early in his career early in his career. The Buccaneers put the franchise tag on him and expect him to be their go to guy for many years to come. Kevin Carter had the athletic ability and playing skills that most players can just dream about, but after 14 seasons on the job, I would be hesitant about extending him any more than a one year deal. Jeremy Stevens is another big talented player but has had a multitude of previous off the field problems and is probably history in Tampa Bay. Ryan Sims was an excellent college prospect, and although he has done little as a professional with either Kansas City or Tampa Bay, the club resigned the under achieving inside player last week. The undersized Jovan Haye, looked like a prospect early on, but after battling injuries for much of 2008, he didn't perform to near expectations. For the right price, he might be worth re-signing, but I see him as more of a suspect than a prospect at this time. Cortez Hankton is a developing player with team's potential, but re-signing him to a long term contract does not seem likely. Say what you want about Jeff Garcia, but until they can find somebody better, he is the man. In defense of the Buccaneers, who are not likely to re-sign him, when it mattered down the stretch, the ten year veteran really struggled. The time has come for the club to start developing his replacement, but the club has not had much success doing so over the last two decades. You can be sure that Patrick Chukwarah, with a cap number exceeding 10 million for 2008, will not be back under any circumstance. Phillip Buchanon has played exceptionally well after struggling in both Oakland and Houston is a must sign . Jermaine Phillips has not been right physically in recent years and although the Buccaneers like his game, it is unlikely that he will be back for his 8th season.

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