Tennessee Titans Free Agent Confidential

The tagging of tight end Bo Scaife was a very solid football decision, but the Titans have a great deal of work ahead of them if they are to maintain their position as one of the top four clubs in the entire National Football League.

Tennessee Titans

Haynesworth, Albert DT 6 7250,000 GOLD
Collins, Kerry QB 13 2,877,000 ORANGE
Hentrich, Craig PT 14 2,089,000 ORANGE
Carr, Chris DB 3 1,845,500 BLACK
Loper, Daniel OT 3 933,500 BLACK
Fuller, Vincent DB 3 933,000 ORANGE
Hill, Reynaldo DB 3 933,000 ORANGE
Jones, Brandon WR 3 669,000 BLACK
Simms, Chris QB 5 569,500 BLACK
King, Eric DB 3 526,000 BLACK
Poole, Tyrone DB 11 157,000 ORANGE

Top Free Agent - Albert Haynesworth

Starters - Four

Must Re-Sign - Albert Haynesworth

Team Top FA Need - WR, DC, OB

Franchise Player - Bo Scaife - $4,462,000

Comments - Like the Giants in the NFC the Titans will have to make some rather important decisions during the free agent period. The most important of these decisions is how they handle the Albert Haynesworth situation. Most football people agree that Haynesworth is this year's prized free agent and due to the importance of the position, is sure to attract many wanting suitors from around the entire league. Another notable free agent that the Titans would like to re-acquire include veteran punter Craig Hentrich. Veteran back-up quarterback Kerry Collins did some things in 2008 that have people around the "Music City" thinking that he offer the club the best chance to win over the long haul. Bo Scaife is an excellent receiving tight end who has the speed and quickness to threaten up the seam. Nobody wants to lose corners and the Titans have four corners and a safety that are free agents. Justin McCareins and Brandon Jones are two players the club would also like to re-sign, but in the end the wide receiver position needs some upgrading. Based on my exposure, Chris Simms doesn't have the skills to play. The Titans would have loved to franchise defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth for the second year in in a succession, but due to contractional agreements agreed upon in his 2008 contract, were unable to do so.

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