Marino's Top Ten Unrestricted Free Agents

Less than 48 hours into the Free Agent process and NFL clubs have spent literally tens of millions of dollars on many players I would certainly not classify as difference makers. Former scout Tom Marino is familiar with the process and gives his thoughts on the players in this year's money give away!

1 Albert Haynesworth – Is easily the top inside player in the game today. He shows unusual quickness, has excellent use of hands to control and shed and for a big man played with excellent pad level and leverage.

2 Jason Brown – Has an excellent combination of power and quickness. I really like his playing strength, range and versatility (can play both center and guard positions).

3 Derrick Ward – I really like his balance, vision and ability to break secured tackles. Can catch the football extremely well and his ability to bounce things and get the corner puts him in the "A" grouping of back in the league. His only negative area of his game that I can see is his lack of durability. Can he carry the full load?

4 Bart Scott – I really like this players athletic ability, playing range, toughness and his ability to take on, get off blocks and get to the football. I believe he is an every down player with the ability to convert speed to power.

5 Jabari Greer - This player has played outstanding football over the last two seasons since rejoining the Bills. I felt he had close to exceptional athletic ability. I like his pedal, feet, plant and drive and ball reactions. In my estimation Jabari has the playing skills and all of the other intangibles it takes to become a frontline corner within the league. Tough and extremely confident in his skills.

6 J.P. Losman – He has an A-1 throwing arm and can make throws that only a select grouping of QB's within the league can make. I also liked his mobility and make up. Before being injured two seasons ago, he looked like the top QB in his class which included Rivers, Manning, Roethlisberger and Schaub. J.P. appears to have lost some confidence in his abilities during this period and he does have a lot of California in him (personality wise - immature), but there are far too many clubs within the league who are playing with far lesser people at the position. A change of scenery could be the difference with this highly skilled player.

7 Jonathan Vilma – He was pretty darn special as a college player and in his first two season for the Jets, but after two injury plagued seasons in NY, he was traded after the 07 season to the Saints and had what I consider an excellent season. He has very good recognition, playing instincts and can both take on and slip effectively on the inside. He's always played with a good motor and I was pleasantly surprised with his depth and reactions in coverage.

8 Ray Lewis – When ranking free agents, I normally put a very high priority on both the age and injury background on a prospect, but Ray Lewis is without question the exception to this rule. He has great playing instincts, intensity, plays with excellent leverage and striking power, is still very productive and make everyone around him better because of his work habits and playing character.

9 Bryant McFadden – I really liked Bryant as a college player, but was still mildly surprised with his play in 2008 for the Super Bowl Champions Pittsburgh Steelers. He's an excellent balance points, is a good hand checker, can flip his hips and showed impressive plant and drive skills. He's a very consistent player who I believe is only going to get better with the valuable experience he gained this past season.

10 Nate Washington – Like his teammate Bryant McFadden, Nate Washington emerged in 2008 as one of the young rising stars in the league. He's got size, closes the cushion quickly on his open releases and showed he has the ability to adjust to the ball on vertical routes. I thought he caught on contact well and was a more than adequate runner after the catch.

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