2009 Second Round Mock Draft

Find out who the Detroit Lions will select with the first pick of the second frame; see what the Patriots will do with the selection they acquired in exchange for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel, and who will your favorite team select as Chris Steuber predicts the second round.

The biggest news to kickoff round two is that the Kansas City Chiefs traded away the 34th pick to the New England Patriots in exchange for Matt Cassel and Mike Vrabel. The move was a bonus for the Chiefs, as they needed a franchise QB. Vrabel offers quality leadership and versatility to a defense that only amassed 10 sacks last season.

Just like the first round, there are a number of interesting underclassmen projected to be selected in the second round - nine in all. The second round is dominated by defensive players; 19 defenders are projected to be selected. Find out whom your team may select in the second frame.

It all starts with Detroit making the first choice, once again…

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* denotes underclassmen

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