Where Will T.O. Go?

Scout.com's NFL insider takes an inside look at where WR Terrell Owens will be playing in 2009 and beyond.

Like him or hate him, Terrell Owens is one of the most talented receivers in the NFL. Sure, he may be a bad teammate, but teams will be lured by his talent and ability. While Owens turns 36 in December, he should still find a decent amount of suitors.

Here's our list of the teams that could have interest in the controversial receiver:

Buffalo Bills - WR Lee Evans really needs a receiver with size to help take away double teams. This is a no-brainer move based on need, but would Owens really want to play for them?

Chicago Bears - They arguably have the worst group of receivers in the NFL and Owens would finally give them the size and talent needed at the position.

New York Jets - Team owner Woody Johnson wanted Brett Favre last year, so why not go after Owens, especially after they parted ways with Laveranues Coles.

Oakland Raiders - Nothing they do makes sense and it's gotten so bad at receiver, they may have to bring back Mervyn Fernandez.

Washington Redskins - Team owner Daniel Snyder loves to make the big splash and Owens would provide badly needed help at the receiver position opposite Santana Moss.

The "No Way They Sign Him "Teams

Atlanta Falcons - They weren't interested in him the last time he was available.

Carolina Panthers - Steve Smith and Owens would be a nice pairing, but they don't have any cap room to make this move.

Green Bay Packers - They're way too deep at receiver at it is.

Houston Texans - They have too much talent at receiver already, but it would be cool to see Owens and Andre Johnson on the field at the same time.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Here's yet another team that needs help at receiver, but head coach Jack Del Rio wouldn't put up with Owens. Keep in mind Del Rio moved around players in his locker-room last year in order to get the players on the same page.

Kansas City Chiefs - Despite the obvious need for receiver help, new head czar Scott Pioli would never put up with Owens.

Miami Dolphins - Talk about a team that could use help at receiver. Opps, Bill Parcells is running the show in Miami.

Minnesota Vikings - Owens once told then Philadelphia Eagles offensive coordinator Brad Childress not to look at him. You really think Childress would want to deal with him now?

New England Patriots - Could you imagine Randy Moss and Owens together? Wow. One can dream. It won't happen because head coach Bill Belichick would never put up with Owens' antics. Remember, it's a team game.

New York Giants - Tom Coughlin and T.O.? Yeah, sure.

Philadelphia Eagles - Their divorce from Owens would make Liz Taylor proud.

San Francisco 49ers - Just what Alex Smith needs, an egotistical receiver to boost his confidence.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Antonio Bryant and Owens together, what a match!--not. Could you imagine those egos together?

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