Eagles counting on McNabb being ready

Andy Reid isn't ready to etch anything in stone yet, but the Philadelphia Eagles coach appears reasonably confident Donovan McNabb will be able to play in the Eagles' first playoff game in two weeks.

"Donovan knows what he needs to do to get himself ready," Reid said. "It's not a rookie that you're putting in there. It's a guy that's been through it, and he knows what's ahead of him there.

 "I'm not going to put Donovan at risk. I know what he can do and what he can't do, and if he can't do enough to be efficient out there and get himself out of trouble, then he won't be out there."

 McNabb suffered a fractured right fibula Nov. 17 and sat out the Eagles' final six regular-season games. The Eagles won five of those six with, first, Koy Detmer, and then A.J. Feeley, at quarterback. Detmer replaced McNabb, but suffered a dislocated left elbow in his first start. Feeley started the last five games, including Saturday's 10-7 overtime loss to the New York Giants.

 With the Eagles not playing next weekend, Reid gave the players off until Thursday. If McNabb is going to play in the divisional playoffs, he almost certainly would have to be ready to practice later this week.

 If McNabb is unable to play, Detmer likely would be the starting quarterback in the playoffs, not Feeley.

 "I would like to think and hope I'd be able to be at full strength," Detmer said. "Like I've said in the past, full strength before I got hurt, and full strength after is kind of two different things. I'd hope that I'd be feeling 100 percent at being able to do what I need to do."


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