Top 50 Strength Reps for 2009

Things have sure changed from the "good old days", when it seemed virtually everyone was benching 225 pounds thirty-plus times. The days of heavy juicing and big men who looked like Robocop appear now to be just a distant memory.

The greatest measurement of core strength is neither the 225 pound strength reps or the max bench press, but rather the power clean; easily the most athletic indicator of all lift. It measures core strength, hip explosion, upper body quickness, back and shoulder strength. Good technique is critical in executing this very important and lift, but poor technique can easily result in injury to the lower back, knees and shoulders.

Olympic type lifts which are primarily designed to improve lower body strength (posterior - back, butt and hamstrings) are most important, since most football movement originates from the ground.

Johnson, Will DT Michigan 47 Vasquez, Louis OG Texas Tech 39 Allen, Roger OG Mo Western 38 Taylor, Terrance DT Michigan 37 Miller, Roy DT Texas 36 Veikune, David DE Hawaii 35 Hood, Evander DT Missouri 34 Garcia, Juan OC Washington 34 Bright, Travis OG BYU 34 Raji, B.J. DT Boston College 33 Shipley, A.Q. OC Penn St 33 Felix, Robby OC UTEP 33 Smith, Jason OT Baylor 33 Boone, Alex OT Ohio St 33 Hypolite, George DT Colorado 32 Brace, Ron DT Boston College 32 Ellison, Kevin OB USC 32 Bruggeman, Rob OC Iowa 32 Vollmer, Sebastian OT Houston 32 Orakpo, Brian DE Texas 31 Grady, Adrian DT Louisville 31 Nicolas, Brandon DT Colorado 31 Cooper, Jon OC Oklahoma 31 Ryan, Greg OG W. Kentucky 31 Meredith, Jamon OT So Carolina 31 Ashcroft, Jeremy OT Arkansas Tech 31 Smith, Antone RB Florida St 31 Magee, Alex DT Purdue 30 Mitchell, Khalif DT East Carolina 30 Fiammetta, Tony FB Syracuse 30 Adkins, Spencer IB Miami 30 Cushing, Brian IB USC 30 Freeman, Marcus OB Ohio St 30 Maiava, Kaluka OB USC 30 Wood, Eric OC Louisville 30 Fletcher, Alex OC Stanford 30 Feinga, Ray OG BYU 30 Hartline, Andrew OT C. Michigan 30 Summers, Frank RB UNLV 30 Walters, Pierre DE Eastern Illinois 29 Williams, Brandon DE Texas Tech 29 Sanford, Jamarca DS Mississippi 29 Scott, Dorell DT Clemson 29 Walker, Vance DT Georgia Tech 29 Canfield, Trevor OG Cincinnati 29 Urbik, Kraig OG Wisconsin 29 Lewis, Cornelius OT Tennessee St 29 Jennings, Rashad RB Liberty 29 Sidbury, Lawrence DE Richmond 28 Johnson, Michael DE Georgia Tech 28

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