Fans Unsure of Winner in Cutler Deal

A franchise quarterback? Or a bounty of draft picks? By a narrow margin, visitors felt that Denver's draft bounty was the better end of the trade. Here are the results of our web poll of NFL fans from across the league...

Early this month, the Chicago Bears paid a high price to end a long search for their franchise quarterback. The deal, which sent Jay Cutler to the Bears in exchange for Kyle Orton and a slew of draft picks, generated strong opinions regarding whether the price paid by the Monsters of the Midway was too high, or simply the going rate for a quarterback of Cutler's stature.

Eyebrows were raised when the Bears met the Broncos' demand of two first-round picks (No. 18 in 2009 as well as the Bears' No. 1 in 2010) in addition to a flip-flop of third- and fifth-rounders this year – plus Orton. Most NFL executives treat draft picks, especially early ones, like bars of the purest gold, and the Bears paid a steep price.

So, who got the better end of the Jay Cutler trade?

We posed this question to NFL fans on via the web poll on the front page of the network's NFL home page, and nearly 5,000 fans responded over the last week.

Their conclusion? By a narrow margin of 47.8% to 43.4%, visitors felt that the Broncos bounty of draft picks had the edge. 8.8% of visitors felt that it was a fair trade, with both teams getting equal value.

The closeness of the results illustrate how critical the position of quarterback is considered to be in today's NFL. After all, Scout visitors are essentially saying a proven and talented quarterback is roughly the equivalent of a  talent injection of four players in the NFL draft, plus a veteran quarterback with a lesser arm. If Cutler leads the Bears to a Super Bowl win, fans won't have much concern over the price the team paid.

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