Insider NFL Mock Draft Version 1.0

We're just over a week away from the big weekend and we'll have a few more updates. As always, the mock draft is done without trades, but check the other possibilities for trade and other options.

1) Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford/QB/Georgia

Analysis: They only really considered Smith and Stafford here and they went with the quarterback, who has the most upside.

Needs: QB, TE, G, DT, DE, MLB

Other Possibilities: Jason Smith.

2) St. Louis Rams: Jason Smith/OT/Baylor

Analysis: They have to replace LT Orlando Pace and Smith will do that as a rookie.

Needs: WR, OT, G, SLB

Other Possibilities: Eugene Monroe, Aaron Curry.

3) Kansas City Chiefs: Eugene Monroe/OT/Virginia

Analysis: Although veteran Damion McIntosh is signed for a few more seasons, they could use an upgrade over him at RT.

Needs: WR, RT, DE, OLB, ILB

Other Possibilities: Aaron Curry, Jeremy Maclin.

4) Seattle Seahawks: Aaron Curry/LB/Wake Forest

: General manager Tim Ruskell usually does a nice job of drafting for value and Curry is the best player left on the board.

Needs: RB, LT, G, DT, WLB

Other Possibilities: Eugene Monroe, if he drops.

5) Cleveland Browns: Michael Crabtree/WR/Texas Tech

Analysis: Should they deal Braylon Edwards, Crabtree becomes a very viable candidate to replace him.

Needs: RB, WR, TE, RG, DE, OLB, ILB, CB, S

Other Possibilities: Brian Orakpo.

6) Cincinnati Bengals: Brian Orakpo/DE/Texas

Analysis: If they ever want to be competitive again, the Bengals must improve their pass rush and Orakpo would help them do that this season.

Needs: RB, WR, DE, MLB, S, CB

Other Possibilities: Jeremy Maclin, Andre Smith. The coaching staff is really high on Smith, but the owner has final say.

7) Oakland Raiders: Jeremy Maclin/WR/Missouri

Analysis: Owner Al Davis loves Speed and Maclin brings that and more. He plays faster than he timed at the combine.

Needs: WR, RT, DT, DE, SS

Other Possibilities: Andre Smith, B.J. Raji.

8) Jacksonville Jaguars: Andre Smith/OT/Alabama

Analysis: With the top receivers already gone, they'll look to upgrade their offensive line. Tra Thomas might only be around for just one season and Smith can play either side.

Needs: RB, WR, DT, CB, S

Other Possibilities: B.J. Raji, Mark Sanchez.

9) Green Bay Packers: Everette Brown/DE-OLB/Florida St.

Analysis: With the move on defensive to a 3-4 scheme, Brown makes a lot of sense here.

Needs: G, RT, DE, OLB

Other Possibilities: Andre Smith, should he drop.

10) San Francisco 49ers: Mark Sanchez/QB/USC

Analysis: They have to figure out who their quarterback of the future is and Sanchez will be it.

Needs: RB, WR, OLB, ILB, FS

Other Possibilities: Aaron Maybin, Aaron Smith

11) Buffalo Bills: Michael Oher/OT/Mississippi

Analysis: Tough call here as they have to get defensive end help, but there aren't any worth taking here. Oher makes some sense if they wind up trading Jason Peters.

Needs: LG, TE, DE, OLB

Other Possibilities: Brian Cushing, Brandon Pettigrew. Both fill needs. Robert Ayers would be the surprise pick much like Donte Whitner was in 2006, but it turned out to be the right move.

12) Denver Broncos: Aaron Maybin/DE-OLB/Penn St.

Analysis: This may be a little early for Maybin, but the Broncos must find pass-rushing help.

Needs: QB, C, DE, OLB, ILB, CB

Other Possibilities: Everette Brown, if he drops.

13) Washington Redskins: Brian Cushing/LB/USC

Analysis: They need big help at SLB and Cushing could play right away.

Needs: DE, SLB

Other Possibilities: They need major pass-rushing help so Maybin is a consideration here, so is Sanchez, if he drops.

14) New Orleans Saints: Peria Jerry/DT/Mississippi

Analysis: While they spent a first-round pick on Sedrick Ellis last year, they still aren't in good shape at the position.

Needs: RB, C, DT, OLB, FS

Other Possibilities: Rey Maualuga is the type of physical linebacker they need to consider here.

15) Houston Texans: Malcolm Jenkins/CB/Ohio St.

: They have to improve in the secondary and Jenkins could help them right away at CB and S.

Needs: RB, RG, DE, CB, S

Other Possibilities: Everette Brown, if he drops, although many teams think he needs to play in a 3-4 scheme at OLB.

16) San Diego Chargers: Tyson Jackson/DE/LSU

Analysis: They had to get someone to replace Igor Olshansky and Jackson fits their 3-4 defensive scheme well since he has good size and strength.

Needs: G, RB, DE

Other Possibilities: Knowshon Moreno has to be a consideration here because of LaDainian Tomlinson's injury history, but they can look at backs with their next pick in the third round.

17) New York Jets: Darrius Heyward-Bey/WR/Maryland

Analysis: After releasing Laveranues Coles, getting help at receiver is a must and Heyward-Bey is the best one left on the board.

Needs: QB, RB, WR

Other Possibilities: Josh Freeman.

18) Denver Broncos (via Chicago Bears): B.J. Raji/DT/Boston College

Analysis: Raji could play DE in their new 3-4 defensive scheme.

Needs: QB, C, DE, OLB, ILB, CB

Other Possibilities: They'll need even more pass-rushing OLBs at some point.

19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ziggy Hood/DT/Missouri

Analysis: There is no greater need than defensive tackle for this team and Hood could come in and play right away.

Needs: QB, DE, DT, CB

Other Possibilities: They could really use another pass rusher and Maybin could be the pick if he drops.

20) Detroit Lions (via Dallas Cowboys): James Laurinaitis/LB/Ohio St.

Analysis: They can get a pass-catching TE later and they filled the QB need, so they can look at defense here. With the best pass rushers off the board, they have to find a solid MLB.

Needs: QB, TE, G, DT, DE, MLB

Other Possibilities: Brandon Pettigrew or Ziggy Hood, if he drops.

21) Philadelphia Eagles: Knowshon Moreno/RB/Georgia

Analysis: They finally can solve the issue of finding Brian Westbrook's eventual replacement with this selection.

Needs: RB, WR, LT, TE

Other Possibilities: Heyward-Bey, if he drops. A trade up for Andre Smith.

22) Minnesota Vikings: Eben Britton/OT/Arizona

Analysis: He fills a major need at right tackle and he could also play on the left side if needed.

Needs: WR, C, RT

Other Possibilities: Any of the top receivers that drop.

23) New England Patriots: Robert Ayers/DE-OLB/Tennessee

Analysis: Most teams have a first-round grade on him and he would give them badly needed pass-rushing help.

Needs: WR, RT, OLB, CB

Other Possibilities: Eben Britton is a consideration here if he's still on the board to eventually take over for the oft-injured Nick Kaczur. Alphonso Smith is worth a look since they really need help at CB.

24) Atlanta Falcons: Rey Maualuga/LB/USC

Analysis: Maualuga is capable of playing inside or outside linebacker, so he'll fit right in with their needs.

Needs: TE, DE, OLB, CB

Other Possibilities: While offensive coordinator Mike Mularkey hasn't had much success with tight ends over the years, Brandon Pettigrew has to be a consideration if he's still on the board. Keep in mind Pettigrew can block and they use a power running game. CB Vontae Davis is also a consideration here and he would fill a big need.

25) Miami Dolphins: Kenny Britt/WR/Rutgers

Analysis: This team needs major help at WR and TE and Britt will at least fill one of those needs. They need someone who offers size opposite Ted Ginn, Jr.

Needs: WR, TE, DT, OLB, CB

Other Possibilities: Hakeem Nicks, Brandon Pettigrew.

26) Baltimore Ravens: Hakeem Nicks/WR/North Carolina

Analysis: He fills a major need for a receiver with size. The Ravens know that the only way they can take the next step in 2009 is to help Joe Flacco find more weapons to throw to.

Needs: WR, RT, DE, ILB

Other Possibilities: Sleeper pick would be Brandon Pettigrew since they could eventually use an upgrade at TE.

27) Indianapolis Colts: Ron Brace/DT/Boston College

Analysis: They badly need help in the interior of their defensive line and the underrated Brace makes a lot of sense here. He also visited the team recently.

Needs: WR, DT

Other Possibilities: Ziggy Hood, if he drops. They also need to replace Anthony Gonzalez's role as a backup now that he's starting.

28) Philadelphia Eagles (from Carolina Panthers): Brandon Pettigrew/TE/Philadelphia Eagles

Analysis: They were able to address RB earlier, so they'll select Pettigrew who finally gives them their first complete tight end since the days of Keith Jackson. They'll still look to trade for Jason Peters.

Needs: RB, WR, LT, TE

Other Possibilities: Eben Britton, if he falls or Donald Brown, if Moreno is gone.

29) New York Giants: Max Unger/OL/California

Analysis: Since the top receivers are off the board, they'll look to get younger on the offensive line.

Needs: WR, SLB

Other Possibilities: Larry English, Clint Sintim.

30) Tennessee Titans: Michael Johnson/DE-OLB/Georgia Tech

Analysis: They have to find pass rushing help opposite Kyle Vanden Bosch and Johnson can do that while seeing some time at OLB.

Needs: WR, DE, CB

Other Possibilities: While they signed WR Nate Washington, depth at receiver is an issue. They also need to find someone to challenge veteran CB Nick Harper for playing time.

31) Arizona Cardinals: Chris Wells/RB/Ohio St.

Analysis: Defense has to be a priority, but finding a featured back is just as important for this team. They have to find a way to run the ball consistently in order to keep their defense off the field. Wells is a perfect fit for their need for a big back who can handle a lot of carries.

Needs: RB, C, DE

Other Possibilities: C Lyle Sendlein is average so they'll consider Eric Wood and Alex Mack as well. They'll also have to look for depth at DE since they lost Antonio Smith in free agency.

32) Pittsburgh Steelers: Darius Butler/CB/Connecticut

Analysis: They really will look hard at three positions here: cornerback, center, and guard. Have to think they will look for someone to eventually supplant veteran CB Deshea Townsend in the near future and the the speedy Butler could be that option.

Needs: G, C, WR, CB

Other Possibilities: They really will look hard at Eric Wood and Alex Mack who they showed interest in.

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