Insider NFL Mock Draft Version 2.0

Who will replace Jason Peters in Buffalo? Will there be a surprise pick or two? Who is moving up? Check out the latest insider mock draft update...

Insider Mock Draft Version 1.0

1) Detroit Lions: Matthew Stafford/QB/Georgia

First Mock Selection: Matthew Stafford.

Analysis: They'll finally get the franchise quarterback that they've coveted for many years.

Needs: QB, TE, G, DT, DE, MLB

Other Possibilities: Jason Smith.

2) St. Louis Rams: Jason Smith/OT/Baylor

First Mock Selection: Jason Smith.

Analysis: They have to rebuild their offensive line and Smith would be a cornerstone for many years.

Needs: WR, OT, G, SLB

Other Possibilities: Eugene Monroe, Matthew Stafford.

3) Kansas City Chiefs: Eugene Monroe/OT/Virginia

First Mock Selection: Eugene Monroe.

Analysis: They could move Brandon Albert to RT if they go with Monroe here.

Needs: WR, RT, DE, OLB, ILB

Other Possibilities: Aaron Curry, Jeremy Maclin.

4) Seattle Seahawks: Aaron Curry/LB/Wake Forest

First Mock Selection
: Aaron Curry.

: Curry is clearly the best player left on all draft boards and Seattle needs to replace Julian Peterson.

Needs: RB, LT, G, DT, WLB

Other Possibilities: Eugene Monroe, Mark Sanchez.

5) Cleveland Browns: Michael Crabtree/WR/Texas Tech

First Mock Selection: Michael Crabtree.

Analysis: With the rumors still strong that they will trade Braylon Edwards, Crabtree makes the most sense here.

Needs: RB, WR, TE, RG, DE, OLB, ILB, CB, S

Other Possibilities: Brian Orakpo since they need pass rushing help badly.

6) Cincinnati Bengals: Brian Orakpo/DE/Texas

First Mock Selection: Brian Orakpo.

Analysis: They have to find some semblance of a pass rush.

Needs: RB, WR, DE, MLB, S, CB

Other Possibilities: Jeremy Maclin, Andre Smith.

7) Oakland Raiders: Jeremy Maclin/WR/Missouri

First Mock Selection: Jeremy Maclin.

Analysis: Even if Crabtree fell here, I still think they would go with Maclin since the owner covets speedy receivers.

Needs: WR, RT, DT, DE, SS

Other Possibilities: Andre Smith, B.J. Raji. If Orakpo fell to them, it would be hard to pass him up since Oakland needs more pass rushers.

8) Jacksonville Jaguars: Andre Smith/OT/Alabama

First Mock Selection: Andre Smith.

Analysis: Smith is simply the best player left on their board and Tra Thomas is no lock to play past 2009.

Needs: RB, WR, DT, CB, S

Other Possibilities: B.J. Raji, Mark Sanchez.

9) Green Bay Packers: Everette Brown/DE-OLB/Florida St.

First Mock Selection: Everette Brown.

Analysis: They are in dire need of pass-rushing help and Brown could help them in that area right away.

Needs: G, RT, DE, OLB

Other Possibilities: If Andre Smith drops to them, it would be hard to pass him up since he can play RT or LT.

10) San Francisco 49ers: Mark Sanchez/QB/USC

First Mock Selection: Mark Sanchez.

Analysis: With so much uncertainty at quarterback for this team, Sanchez makes sense for the future at the position.

Needs: RB, WR, OLB, ILB, FS

Other Possibilities: Surprise pick would be Robert Ayers since San Francisco badly needs more pass rushers and Ayers has a first-round grade from many teams.

11) Buffalo Bills: Michael Oher/OT/Mississippi

First Mock Selection: Michael Oher.

Analysis: As expected, they traded Jason Peters so getting someone to replace him is a huge issue.

Needs: LT, LG, TE, DE, OLB

Other Possibilities: Brandon Pettigrew, Robert Ayers.

12) Denver Broncos: B.J. Raji/DT/Boston College

First Mock Selection: Aaron Maybin.

Analysis: They have to get strong up front on defense and Raji can play DE or NT.

Needs: QB, C, DE, OLB, ILB, CB

Other Possibilities: Aaron Maybin.

13) Washington Redskins: Brian Cushing/LB/USC

First Mock Selection: Brian Cushing.

Analysis: With the release of veteran SLB Marcus Washington, Cushing would be his replacement.

Needs: DE, SLB

Other Possibilities: They'd love Mark Sanchez to fall here. Aaron Maybin would be a consideration based on their pass-rushing need.

14) New Orleans Saints: Peria Jerry/DT/Mississippi

First Mock Selection: Peria Jerry.

Analysis: They have to continue to improve the interior of their defense.

Needs: RB, C, DT, OLB, FS

Other Possibilities: Rey Maualuga, Chris Wells.

15) Houston Texans: Malcolm Jenkins/CB/Ohio St.

First Mock Selection: Malcolm Jenkins.

: The secondary continues be an issue for this team and Jenkins could come in and play right away.

Needs: RB, RG, DE, CB, S

Other Possibilities: Chris Wells, Aaron Maybin.

16) San Diego Chargers: Tyson Jackson/DE/LSU

First Mock Selection: Tyson Jackson.

Analysis: He could come in right away and replace Igor Olshansky.

Needs: G, RB, DE

Other Possibilities: Knowshon Moreno.

17) New York Jets: Darrius Heyward-Bey/WR/Maryland

First Mock Selection: Darrius Heyward-Bey.

Analysis: They have to replace Laveranues Coles and they need Heyward-Bey's speed.

Needs: QB, RB, WR

Other Possibilities: Josh Freeman.

18) Denver Broncos (via Chicago Bears): Aaron Maybin/DE-OLB/Penn St.

First Mock Selection: B.J. Raji.

Analysis: They had to get a pass rusher with one of their two first-rounders.

Needs: QB, C, DE, OLB, ILB, CB

Other Possibilities: James Laurinaitis, Darius Butler.

19) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Ziggy Hood/DT/Missouri

First Mock Selection: Ziggy Hood.

Analysis: They need major help at DT.

Needs: QB, DE, DT, CB

Other Possibilities: Josh Freeman, Michael Johnson, Darius Butler.

20) Detroit Lions (via Dallas Cowboys): James Laurinaitis/LB/Ohio St.

First Mock Selection: James Laurinaitis.

Analysis: MLB is a big need for this team.

Needs: QB, TE, G, DT, DE, MLB

Other Possibilities: Brandon Pettigrew, Ziggy Hood.

21) Philadelphia Eagles: Knowshon Moreno/RB/Georgia

First Mock Selection: Knowshon Moreno.

Analysis: It's hard to imagine this team passing up the best back in the draft.

Needs: RB, WR, TE

Other Possibilities: Brandon Pettigrew, Darrius Heyward-Bey. While they have six defensive ends on the roster, they still could make a surprise pick and select one here. That guy would have to be a potential upgrade over Juqua Thomas. It's believed the end they like is Robert Ayers and this is the area where he should start to be looked at seriously and many believe he could turn out to be the best end in this draft down the line.

22) Minnesota Vikings: Hakeem Nicks/WR/North Carolina

First Mock Selection: Eben Britton.

Analysis: They are looking for a receiver with size to play opposite Bernard Berrian. Nicks isn't that tall, but he plays bigger than his listed size and he's a physical presence.

Needs: WR, C, RT

Other Possibilities: Kenny Britt. Surprise pick here would be Darius Butler since the team had problems at the nickel back position last season and he could eventually take over for Antoine Winfield. They could look for a right tackle in the next round.

23) New England Patriots: Robert Ayers/DE-OLB/Tennessee

First Mock Selection: Robert Ayers.

Analysis: They really are in need of a DE-OLB that can rush the passer.

Needs: WR, RT, OLB, CB

Other Possibilities: Darius Butler, Eben Britton.

24) Atlanta Falcons: Rey Maualuga/LB/USC

First Mock Selection: Rey Maualuga.

Analysis: Atlanta needs more help at linebacker.

Needs: TE, DE, OLB, CB

Other Possibilities: Brandon Pettigrew, Darius Butler.

25) Miami Dolphins: Kenny Britt/WR/Rutgers

First Mock Selection: Kenny Britt.

Analysis: Britt fills a big need here.

Needs: WR, TE, DT, OLB, CB

Other Possibilities: Brandon Pettigrew.

26) Baltimore Ravens: Brandon Pettigrew/TE/Oklahoma St.

First Mock Selection: Hakeem Nicks.

Analysis: L.J. Smith is on a one-year deal and Todd Heap might be on the downside of his career.

Needs: WR, RT, DE, ILB

Other Possibilities: Eben Britton.

27) Indianapolis Colts: Ron Brace/DT/Boston College

First Mock Selection: Ron Brace.

Analysis: They have to get help for the interior of their defensive line.

Needs: WR, DT

Other Possibilities: Any other WR or DT that drops.

28) Buffalo Bills (from Philadelphia Eagles via Carolina Panthers): Clay Matthews/OLB/USC

First Mock Selection: Brandon Pettigrew.

Analysis: With Angelo Crowell signing with the Buccaneers, Matthews could compete for a starting job right away.

Needs: LT, LG, TE, DE, OLB

Other Possibilities: Any DE that drops.

29) New York Giants: Max Unger/OL/California

First Mock Selection: Max Unger.

Analysis: They still could look to the future on the interior of their offensive line.

Needs: WR, SLB

Other Possibilities: Larry English, Clint Sintim.

30) Tennessee Titans: Michael Johnson/DE-OLB/Georgia Tech

First Mock Selection: Michael Johnson

Analysis: While he needs to get stronger, he could still see a decent amount of playing time for this team.

Needs: WR, DE, CB

Other Possibilities: Alphonso Smith, Vontae Davis.

31) Arizona Cardinals: Chris Wells/RB/Ohio St.

First Mock Selection: Chris Wells

Analysis: Defense and center are the key issues for this football team, but finding a back to carry the load is another problem.

Needs: RB, C, DE

Other Possibilities: Eric Wood.

32) Pittsburgh Steelers: Darius Butler/CB/Connecticut

First Mock Selection: Darius Butler

Analysis: They need someone to challenge CB Deshea Townsend.

Needs: G, C, WR, CB

Other Possibilities: If Wood or Mack make it here, one of them will get strong consideration.

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