OTs Expected To Dominate Draft's Early Goings

Former talent scout Tom Marino, might be slightly biased, but believes Eugene Monroe might well be the best tackle prospect since the great Orlando Pace was the Rams number one selection. On Saturday expect the Rams to make Monroe Pace's replacement.

I fully expect to see a quick run on the offensive tackle position in this year's player draft. With Virginia tackle Eugene Monroe and Baylor's Jason Smith virtually a lock to be among the top six selections, expect clubs with a left tackle need to possibly reach for a lesser player early to avoid being shut out at this highly critical position.

Monroe is without question a very impressive athlete and player. He gets movement inline and was very effective at the second level. I really liked the way he fit on blocks and ability to adjust on the move. On pass protection, I really liked his feel, hand use to lock out on big defenders and anchor inside. He smart and although he doesn't appear to be a nasty, step on your fingers type, I love his playing character.

Jason Smith is a nasty individual and a solid left tackle prospect, but I just don't believe he showed the overall playing consistency of Monroe nor is he as effective within the running game.

Ole Miss tackle Michael Oher certainly has an interesting rags to riches background and is I might add a very efficient pass protector, but a number of respected talent scouts have related to me that something appears to be missing in this players game. I had the opportunity to view Michael on three occasions in 2008, and quite frankly saw a near complete football player.

Arizona junior tackle Eben Britten, Oklahoma giant Phil Loadholt and Connecticut's William Beatty are all highly rated tackle prospects, but I felt each were incomplete and I would seriously question their chances of playing on the left side.

Keep a close eye on Houston prospect Sebastian Vollmer. He's certainly not there yet, but he has the size, athletic ability and movement to develop into something pretty special down the line.

Offensive Tackles

RK Name School HT WT 40 GR
1 Monroe, Eugene Virginia 6052v 312v 5.21v 1.11
2 Smith, Jason Baylor 6050v 307v 5.17v 1.14
3 Oher, Michael Mississippi 6044v 309v 5.29v 1.18
4 Meredith, Jamon So Carolina 6045v 304v 5.03v 1.27
5 Britton, Eben Arizona 6060v 309v 5.16v 1.32
6 Loadholt, Phil Oklahoma 6076v 332v 5.53v 1.35
7 Cadogan, Gerald Penn St 6051v 309v 5.08v 1.39
8 Beatty, William Connecticut 6060v 307v 5.12v 1.40
9 Gardner, Andrew Georgia Tech 6064v 304v 5.03v 1.44
10 Tupou, Fenuki Oregon 6052v 314v 5.43v 1.50
11 Thomas, Jaimie Maryland 6040v 322v 5.32v 1.51
12 Vollmer, Sebastian Houston 6073v 314v 5.22v 1.54
13 Parrish, Augustus Kent St 6040v 302v 5.38v 1.55
14 Brewster, Robert Ball St 6042v 325v 5.32v 1.61
15 Boone, Alex Ohio St 6072v 328v 5.17v 1.63
16 Kropog, Troy Tulane 6056v 309v 5.32v 1.65
17 Murtha, Lydon Nebraska 6070v 306v 4.87v 1.65
18 Fulton, Xavier Illinois 6042v 302v 5.04v 1.73

Free Agents

RK Name School HT WT 40 GR
Watkins, Jason Florida 6055v 318v 5.52v 1.80
Kemme, Chris Akron 6057v 309v 5.21v 1.90
Nguti, Raphael Albany St (GA) 6062v 337v 5.62v 1.90
Valdez, Jose Arkansas 6044v 318v 5.29v 1.90
Ashcroft, Jeremy Arkansas Tech 6061v 331v 5.56v 1.90
Gay, Dan Baylor 6037v 308v 5.54v 1.90
Hartline, Andrew C. Michigan 6043v 297v 4.96v 1.90
Trautwein, Phil Florida 6060v 310v 5.46v 1.90
Bell, Joel Furman 6072v 315v 5.13v 1.90
Coblyn, Ben Massachusetts 6064v 305v 5.01v 1.90
Link, Kyle McNeese St 6053v 305v 5.57v 1.90
Underwood, Reggie Miami 6054v 301v 5.53v 1.90
Miller, Maurice Mississippi 6031v 327v 5.49v 1.90
Reynolds, Garrett North Carolina 6075v 309v 5.45v 1.90
McKee, Ryan So Mississippi 6063v 296v 5.13v 1.90
Foster, Ramon Tennessee 6051v 328v 5.59v 1.90
Lewis, Cornelius Tennessee St 6034v 332v 5.32v 1.90
Vanden Heuvel, Eric Wisconsin 6075v 326v 5.33v 1.90
Allen, Samuel Grand Valley 6043v 293v 4.98v 1.90
Brown, Patrick C Florida 6051v 294v 5.18v 1.90

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