Juniors Lead The Way In Receiver Grouping

One of my early mentors in the scouting profession once told me that when discussing potential prospects, virtually every college liaison believed he had both a pro prospect receiver and kicker. I can't tell you how right former scouting great Alex Bell was with his assessment.

Over the year's I've had the opportunity to evaluate well over two thousand receiving prospects and although most possessed positive position qualities only a handful of these pass catchers (Wes Chandler, Jerry Rice, Anthony Carter, Sterling Sharpe, Randy Moss, Art Monk), were what I considered the total package.

Well, I believe in one Michael Crabtree, we are about to add another name to that exclusive list. He has outstanding size, rare speed, excellent body control, great hands, and the ability to score from any place on the football field.

The next four receivers (all juniors) led by the multi-talented Percy Harvin aren't too shabby either. The Florida product has excellent hands, gets in and out of a route extremely well and with the football under his arm is extremely dangerous after the catch.

Missouri Jeremy Maclin is a big vertical threat with speed to burn (runs extremely well in his pads). An excellent returner with very good run after the catch instincts, I believe Jeremy lacks only some route running polish to become a star in the National Football League.

You can't draw them up any prettier than the U. of Maryland's Darrius Hayward-Bey. He's big (excellent muscle peaks and proportion) and has rare foot speed. His workout numbers alone insure me he will be a top round selection, but I have two major problems with this player; he never appeared to play to his confirmed 4.29v / 40 time and I have some questions as to his ability to catch the football (I just don't see him as a natural hand catcher). Now don't get me wrong, he's far from spastic in this area, but I believe he fights the ball some. Remember, the position is called wide receiver gang and not wide runner.

Hakeem Nicks is as gifted an natural a receiver as I seen in some time. He's very impressive athlete with playing strength and explosiveness (even cut upper and lower body with excellent muscle peaks) will need to watch his weight during the off season. He has a strong medium stride and shows the ability to change directions very smoothly. I liked his leaping ability, timing, and ability to easily outmuscle defenders for the football. Will high point the ball and expose his body to hits.

I felt he played big and really takes advantage of his size. I thought he was sudden in and out of a break. Has very good hands, can snatch the ball, adjust and will catch on contact. Excellent concentration and can make the circus catch. Can out muscles defenders for the football started as a freshman and lines up predominately as their x in their two receiver set.

Hakeem ran particularly sharp routes, got out of his breaks well, got his head around, located the football, and got up field after the catch. After the catch, I didn't think he was particularly creative, but he is very strong and competitive.

Brian Robiskie is a very talented receiver with size and catching ability. He isn't flashy, but at games end he does many things that can contribute to winning football games. His dad Terry was an excellent player at LSU and is a long time NFL coach and it appears he has passed along much of his football knowledge to Brian. I look for him to make an immediate impact at the professional level, first as a slot receiver in a queen set and eventually as a strong number two receiver.

Beyond the top six there are a number of talented players who could well impact at the next level. My advise to personnel directors throughout the league; when in doubt, always go with the receiver with speed!

Wide Receivers

RK Name School HT WT 40 GR
1 Crabtree, Michael Texas Tech 6013v 215v 4.45e 1.13
2 Harvin, Percy Florida 5111v 192v 4.42v 1.15
3 Maclin, Jeremy Missouri 6001v 198v 4.46v 1.16
4 Nicks, Hakeem North Carolina 6006v 212v 4.52v 1.17
5 Heyward-Bey, Darrius Maryland 6015v 210v 4.29v 1.18
6 Robiskie, Brian Ohio St 6027v 209v 4.49v 1.19
7 Williams, Derrick Penn St 5114v 194v 4.57v 1.24
8 Tate, Brandon North Carolina 5117v 183v 4.45e 1.25
9 Murphy, Louis Florida 6023v 203v 4.37v 1.27
10 Byrd, Demetrius LSU 6002v 199v 4.37v 1.31
11 Iglesias, Juaquin Oklahoma 6007v 210v 4.49v 1.32
12 Britt, Kenny Rutgers 6027v 218v 4.51v 1.33
13 Turner, Patrick USC 6051v 223v 4.58v 1.38
14 Butler, Deon Penn St 5103v 182v 4.32v 1.39
15 Thomas, Mike Arizona 5083v 195v 4.33v 1.40
16 Means, Andrew Indiana 6005v 214v 4.42v 1.41
17 Dillard, Jarett Rice 5102v 191v 4.53v 1.42
18 Marion, Brennan Tulsa 5113v 187v 4.50e 1.44
19 McKinley, Kenny So Carolina 6003v 189v 4.42v 1.45
20 Kelly, Aaron Clemson 6044v 204v 4.52v 1.45
21 Massaquoi, Mohamed Georgia 6014v 210v 4.59v 1.46
22 Riley, Eron Duke 6031v 206v 4.35v 1.48
23 Knox, Johnny Abilene Christian 5114v 185v 4.33v 1.49
24 Wallace, Mike Mississippi 6003v 199v 4.34v 1.52
25 Foster, Brooks North Carolina 6004v 211v 4.49v 1.55
26 Underwood, Tiquan Rutgers 6011v 184v 4.41v 1.56
27 Mitchell, Marko Nevada-Reno 6036v 218v 4.45v 1.57
28 Passmore, Darius Marshall 6003v 188v 4.54v 1.58
29 Nunn, Terrence Nebraska 5102v 197v 4.45v 1.58
30 Hackendorf, Kole No Dakota St 6017v 191v 4.42v 1.62
31 Carr, Greg Florida St 6053v 217v 4.58v 1.63
32 Barden, Ramses Cal Poly (SLO) 6060v 229v 4.58v 1.64
33 Guice, Dudley Northwestern St 6023v 209v 4.41v 1.67
34 Cosby, Quan Texas 5085v 196v 4.52v 1.68
35 Collie, Austin BYU 6007v 200v 4.57v 1.69
36 Ogletree, Kevin Virginia 6004v 196v 4.43v 1.71
37 Stroughter, Sammie Oregon St 5093v 189v 4.57v 1.72
38 Taylor, Lucas Tennessee 5112v 189v 4.39v 1.75
39 Collins, Dobson Gardner Webb 6007v 181v 4.48v 1.76
40 Lyons, Dickey Kentucky 5103e 195e 4.50e 1.79

Free Agents

RK Name School HT WT 40 GR
Byers, Jarrett NE Oklahoma St 5104v 181v 4.42v 1.80
Johnson, Manuel Oklahoma 5107v 189v 4.54v 1.80
Halman, John Concordia (AL) 6014e 200e 4.55e 1.80
Arceneaux, Emmanuell Alcorn St 6020v 206v 4.49v 1.90
Arnold, Robert Arizona 6022v 192v 4.50v 1.90
Denmark, Clarence Ark (Monticello) 5091v 179v 4.31v 1.90
Edwards, Willie Bethany College 6013v 212v 4.51v 1.90
Childs, Jeremy Boise St 5115v 200v 4.64v 1.90
Williams, Patrick Colorado 6014v 204v 4.58v 1.90
Brown, Justin Hampton 6013v 201v 4.57v 1.90
Gilchrist Jeremy Hampton 5085v 183v 4.62v 1.90
Dupree, Maurice Jacksonville-AL 5097v 169v 4.45v 1.90
Bayes, Shawn Kent St 5102v 176v 4.43v 1.90
Edelman, Julian Kent St 5103v 195v 4.49v 1.90
Smith, Derrick LA-Lafayette 5114v 185v 4.44v 1.90
Lawrence, Quinten McNeese St 5115v 184v 4.42v 1.90
Smith, Jamayel Mississippi St 6003v 186v 4.54v 1.90
Swift, Nate Nebraska 6013v 203v 4.68v 1.90
Eloi, Keith Nebraska-Omaha 5094v 191v 4.42v 1.90
Gant, Ed No Alabama 6013v 197v 4.46v 1.90
Hartline, Brian Ohio St 6015v 195v 4.54v 1.90
Pruitt, Julius Ouachita Baptist 6017v 208v 4.43v 1.90
Norwood, Jordan Penn St 5107v 184v 4.61v 1.90
Kinder, Derek Pittsburgh 6002v 201v 4.63v 1.90
Butler, Terrance Presbyterian 5086v 184v 4.43v 1.90
Reeder, Chetyuane Presbyterian 6002v 201v 4.46v 1.90
Orton, Greg Purdue 6025v 207v 4.70v 1.90
Edison, Dominique S F Austin 6021v 204v 4.47v 1.90
Richmond, David San Jose St 6016v 197v 4.62v 1.90
Harris, Jaron So Dakota St 6004v 193v 4.46v 1.90
Johnson, Taurus So Florida 6002v 206v 4.52v 1.90
Shelton, Travis Temple 5094v 189v 4.48v 1.90
Cosby, Quan Texas 5085v 196v 4.52v 1.90
Breaux, Tommy Towson 6067v 199v 4.56v 1.90
Gibson, Brandon Washington St 6001v 208v 4.62v 1.90
Beavers, Larry Wesley 5101v 169v 4.41v 1.90
Jones, Michael Arizona St 6034v 211v 4.56v 1.90

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