Top Gun QB's For The 2009 Draft

When evaluating a college quarterback prospect, ask yourself one very important question; if he were not in a favorable situation (QB at USC, GA) would he have the type of ability to lead a mediocre low level program to the Promised Land?

I'd have to say the absolute best quarterback decision made by any NFL club this spring was made by the Chicago Bears! I can promise you one thing for sure today; none of the QB's selected in the draft this week end is going to throw for 4,526 yards, complete 384 passes or throw 25 TD passes next season.

I have no doubt that both of this year's "Top Gun" quarterbacks are talented individuals with all the physical qualities and athletic skills necessary to effectively become front line NFL quarterbacks, but in both cases their road to success will be paved with many pitfalls.

Sanchez has a nice stroke, can throw effectively on the move, gets the ball out quickly and was an accurate thrower. My main concern is that he is a one year starter and has never faced true adversity as a college quarterback. Would we (Sanchez) be saying these same positive things about his skill set had he been quarterbacking the Temple Owls or Utah State University this past season?

I believe one can tell a great deal about an athlete who is looking down the barrel of a gun, rather than seeing him in a positive setting. Don't get me wrong, I've liked what I've seen, but there are still a lot of questioned yet to be answered.

His individual workout I am told was extremely positive, but again throwing on-air in shorts with no defensive pressure is a far cry from looking at a third and twenty-one in the late afternoon at Three River Stadium trailing by twelve with three minutes left in the contest.

Matthew (don't call me Matt) Stafford, on the other hand is an impressive looking athlete with a giant arm (similar to that of Bert Jones, Jeff George or Terry Bradshaw). He has the abilities to make every throw, but I was disappointed in his throwing accuracy, ability to read coverage, his throwing release, footwork, and the way he consistently tried to force the ball into some tight windows. I also didn't think he looked off especially well. He's talented, but he's not ready for prime time just yet.

Josh Freeman of Kansas State is a class act, with size and a big arm, but if he were to be thrown into battle as a freshman, I believe he would be seriously over matched. One other thing to keep in mind when evaluating this player; when was the last time you saw a successful six-six, two hundred and fifty something pound quarterback in this league.

I'm very aware that he plays in a favorable stat friendly offense, but I have watched Texas Tech quarterback Graham Harrell perform over the last three years and believe him to be an accurate, tough minded, smart, experienced signal caller with a very quick release. I really like his compete skills and never say die approach to the game. One final thing that I will never mistake, when he had to get it done in the last minute and a half versus Texas, he flat out got it done. I likened him to that old gunslinger, who didn't rattle or lose his composure in the heat of battle.

Rhett Bomar and Patrick White are totally opposite in terms of playing style, but I like both of their chances developing into solid professionals. Rhett's arm strength and ability to stick it inside a tight window was impressive, while I really liked Patrick's ability to make a play at a critical juncture of a game.


RK Name School HT WT 40 GR
1 Sanchez, Mark USC 6021v 227v 4.95v 1.12
2 Stafford, Matthew Georgia 6022v 225v 4.83v 1.13
3 Freeman, Josh Kansas St 6056v 251v 4.98v 1.24
4 Harrell, Graham Texas Tech 6021v 215v 4.96v 1.31
5 White, Pat West Virginia 6002v 202v 4.57v 1.28
6 Bomar, Rhett Sam Houston St 6022v 225v 4.82v 1.30
7 Painter, Curtis Purdue 6027v 225v 4.91v 1.47
8 McGee, Stephen Texas A&M 6027v 225v 4.66v 1.49
9 Carpenter, Rudy Arizona St 6016v 218v 4.98v 1.66
10 Davis, Nate Ball St 6013v 226v 4.98v 1.68
11 Brandstater, Tom Fresno St 6050v 220v 4.95v 1.67
12 Wilson, John Parker Alabama 6014v 216v 4.79v 1.73
13 Clement, Chase Rice 6005v 208v 4.67v 1.77
14 Daniel, Chase Missouri 6000v 217v 4.86v 1.78

Free Agents

Name School HT WT 40 GR
Smith, Brock Liberty 6020v 242v 4.83v 1.80
Tuitana, Willie Arizona 6023v 231v 5.02v 1.80
Cantwell, Hunter Louisville 6043v 235v 5.23v 1.80
Holbrook, Chase New Mexico St 6041v 242v 5.14v 1.80
Malone, Billy Abilene Christian 6022v 227v 5.21v 1.90
Crane, Chris Boston College 6047v 233v 4.79v 1.90
Willy, Drew Buffalo 6031v 215v 4.97v 1.90
Brown, Nathan C Arkansas 6005v 219v 4.93v 1.90
Reilly, Mike C Washington 6030v 214v 4.83v 1.90
Longshore, Nate California 6037v 232v 5.19v 1.90
Harper, Cullen Clemson 6030v 225v 5.00v 1.90
Weatherford, Drew Florida St 6013v 216v 4.86v 1.90
Boltus, Jason Hartwick 6026v 225v 4.84v 1.90
Pizzotti, Chris Harvard 6054v 226v 4.88v 1.90
Hoyer, Brian Michigan St 6020v 215v 5.06v 1.90
Boeckman, Todd Ohio St 6046v 239v 4.80v 1.90
Johnson, David Tulsa 6014v 219v 5.02v 1.90
Johnson, Brian Utah 6005v 211v 4.87v 1.90
Glennon, Sean Virginia Tech 6041v 220v 4.86v 1.90
Phillips, Jake William & Mary 6023v 211v 4.98v 1.90

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