Limited Number of Quality Backs Available

Although this year's running back prospects lack depth, there are a number of interesting backs including two that rushed for better than two thousand yards on the season!

An outstanding group of junior running back decided to forego their senior year of eligibility to enter the NFL 2008 draft a year ago last January, thus greatly changing both the talent level and depth at this critical game changing position.

Chris "Beanie" Wells of Ohio State, Knowshon Moreno of the Georgia Bulldogs, Iowa Hawkeye Shonn Green, Donald Brown of the U of Connecticut, LeSean McCoy of the Pittsburgh Panthers and Mike Goodson, all juniors have decided to forego their senior years and not surprisingly make up six of the top seven backs in this year's draft!

Wells, who was banged up early in the season (ankle), is without question the class of this year's running back class. He is a big strong back with excellent vision, quickness, feet and the ability to consistently break secured tackles inside. Once he broke the line of scrimmage, Beanie a one shift power runner tended to straighten out even further, but he also showed the ability to run away from people at the second level and third level.

Moreno, a Dalton Hilliard a former LSU and Saints clone, is a tough inside runner with excellent quickness, balance and vision. I loved his run toughness and ability to break secured tackles. He can catch and adjust to the football in the flat, screen or arrow routes and only needs to improve his blocking skills (pass or run), to become a top back in the National Football Leagues.

Greene did some incredible things during the regular season, but I was disappointed by his lack of speed and or finishing burst. My big problem is the fact that I never saw him caught from behind and on wide plays, he had no problem getting the corner consistently.

Brown is not a particularly man physically came out of nowhere to have an unbelievable 2008 season. His style is reminiscent to former West Virginia and Houston Texans rookie sensation Steve Slaton. He's is a bit of a straight liner, but once he gets a step on a defender, he is awfully tough to run down. As is the case with all college back, he is going to have to improve greatly in his blitz pick up and develop a better sense and timing when running routes.

McCoy is another little man by today's standards who really impressed me with his running and receiving skills in 2007, but his numbers were to say the least rather pedestrian in 08. He did show unusual playing skills, so unless there is a physical ailment that has robbed him of his skills, one has to believe he can once again show the skills that made him special.

Speaking of a special player, keep an eye on Abilene Christian College running back Bernard Scott. He's not particularly big nor does he have home run speed, but he is quick as a hiccup, smooth as silk, has excellent vision, receiving skills and instincts.

He twenty-five years old, has attended four Universities and there are some off the field, concerns, but he has put together two straight two-thousand and has run for an amazing 7,239 yards in his college football career! It wouldn't surprise in the least if this player end up the absolute steal of the 2009 draft!

Running Backs

RK Name School HT WT 40 GR
1 Wells, Chris Ohio St 6010v 235v 4.41v 1.15
2 Moreno, Knowshon Georgia 5105v 217v 4.59v 1.18
3 Greene, Shonn Iowa 5104v 227v 4.66v 1.25
4 Brown, Donald Connecticut 5102v 210v 4.50v 1.29
5 Brown, Andre No Carolina St 6001v 228v 4.46v 1.31
6 McCoy, LeSean Pittsburgh 5103v 198v 4.56v 1.34
7 Goodson, Mike Texas A&M 5107v 211v 4.47v 1.36
8 Scott, Bernard Abilene Christian 5102v 200v 4.47v 1.38
9 Davis, James Clemson 5110v 218v 4.58v 1.39
10 Sheets, Kory Purdue 5111v 208v 4.42v 1.40
11 Coffee, Glen Alabama 6003v 209v 4.58v 1.41
12 Hill, P.J. Wisconsin 5102v 222v 4.63v 1.48
13 Jennings, Rashad Liberty 6010v 231v 4.61v 1.54
14 Johnson, Ian Boise St 5112v 212v 4.44v 1.55
15 Smith, Antone Florida St 5077v 191v 4.34v 1.62
16 Lucky, Marlon Nebraska 5113v 213v 4.55v 1.65
17 Moore, Devin Wyoming 5091v 187v 4.35v 1.66
18 Davis, Tristan Auburn 5093v 217v 4.45v 1.70
19 Johnson, Gartrell Colorado St 5102v 219v 4.74v 1.75
20 Ringer, Javon Michigan St 5081v 205v 4.57v 1.76

Free Agents

RK Name School HT WT 40 GR
Lewis, Corey Northern Iowa 5113v 197v 4.57v 1.80
Foster, Arian Tennessee 6006v 215v 4.58v 1.80
Herring, Keegan Arizona St 5092v 203v 4.47v 1.90
Lester, Brad Auburn 5092v 193v 4.56v 1.90
Moore, Kestahn Florida 5102v 219v 4.59v 1.90
Thigpen, Marcus Indiana 5090v 186v 4.46v 1.90
Glenn, Cody Nebraska 6000v 244v 4.69v 1.90
Sutton, Tyrell Northwestern 5080v 211v 4.69v 1.90
Wells, Maurice Ohio St 5091v 192v 4.51v 1.90
Johnson, Jeremiah Oregon 5087v 209v 4.64v 1.90
Kimble, Anthony Stanford 6002v 216v 4.66v 1.90
Mason, Brandon Stony Brook 6011v 231v 4.73v 1.90
Brinkley, Curtis Syracuse 5086v 208v 4.65v 1.90
Williams, Javarris Tennessee St 5094v 223v 4.52v 1.90
Ogbonnaya, Chris Texas 5116v 220v 4.63v 1.90
Bell, Kahlil UCLA 5106v 212v 4.76v 1.90
Summers, Frank UNLV 5091v 243v 4.60v 1.90
Peerman, Cedric Virginia 5094v 216v 4.64v 1.90
Ore, Branden W Liberty St 5107v 214v 4.66v 1.90

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