Rookie Reaction: Pat White Senior NFL Analyst Ed Thompson talked with former West Virginia quarterback Pat White on Sunday about his draft weekend experience and his future with the Miami Dolphins. And yes, he's going to be on their roster as a quarterback, right where he belongs.

Ed Thompson:  Now that you've had a night to sleep on the fact that you're a member of the Miami Dolphins, what's going through your mind as you think about your new opportunity in the NFL?

Pat White:  I'm definitely excited. I'm definitely loving what I'm hearing from the coaches. I'm ready to get to work down there and hopefully help the team win some games.

Thompson: What exactly have the coaches told you that has you so excited?

White:  They're going to give me a shot at the quarterback position. They said they didn't draft me as a receiver, they drafted me as a quarterback. And that's something that I've prayed for. So I'm excited and ready to get to work.

Thompson:  Pat, I've been one of the guys who's been saying throughout the entire pre-draft period that I think you can be a very good quarterback in this league, and one who'll be fun to watch. So I'm glad to see that you've landed with a team who's going to give you that opportunity. 

White: Yes, sir. And thank you for supporting me.

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Thompson:  Where were you when the phone rang on Saturday? And what did the Dolphins say to you when you answered?

White: I was at home with my family, enjoying watching the Draft, which is something we usually do. When I got the phone call, it was definitely an exciting time and a relief. And I'm just thankful that I have this opportunity.

Thompson:  Did the team talk to you at all about working out at other positions to offer them some versatility in how they can use your talents?

White:  All I've heard is quarterback, and specifically, the Wildcat formation. 

Thompson:  Do you personally know anyone who is already a member of the team?

White: Not personally. There'll be a lot of new faces to get to know, but hopefully we can grow together and make good things happen.

Thompson: The Dolphins have Ted Ginn and they drafted a couple of good receivers, so you must be especially excited about hooking up with them.

White:  They definitely have an athletic team, and Ted Ginn is one of the fastest players who's ever walked onto the field. I'm also excited to see Patrick Turner, a guy I worked out with for a couple of months, and I was very impressed with him. So I'm very excited that I get to work with him.

Thompson: Are there some veterans on that roster that you're excited about having the opportunity to work with and learn from?

White: Definitely. I'm willing to work with and learn from anybody. Chad Pennington is someone who's got a lot of experience, so hopefully he'll give me a couple of tips here and there. Chad Henne is a great quarterback, so I'm excited to get down there and work with him.

Thompson:  For any of the fans who may not have seen you at work at West Virginia these past few years, tell them about what you're going to bring to the NFL.

White:  Hopefully, I just bring excitement. I'm going to bring a hard-working mentality and good attitude. I love winning, so that's something I'm coming to do.

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