Rookie Reaction: Mohamed Massaquoi

Former Georgia wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi was snatched up by the Cleveland Browns in the second round of the NFL Draft. He talked about the experience and his future in the NFL with Senior NFL Analyst.

Ed Thompson: What's the experience been like for you so far?

Mohamed Massaquoi: It's going good. I'm excited about getting up there and having a chance to compete and play.

Thompson: Fill us in on what happened when your phone rang during the second round.

Massaquoi: They asked me if I was ready to be a Cleveland Brown, and I said, "most definitely." I had a chance to talk with Coach Daboll and Coach McDonald, the offensive coordinator and the receivers coach, and they said they liked what they saw in the workout.

Thompson:  You had a private workout with them?

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Massaquoi: Yeah, I actually had it with them last Tuesday.

Thompson:  Did they show much interest in you prior to that?

Massaquoi: You never know. There are so many names that get buzzed around, you never know what may happen. We really didn't know how much they were interested, but I'm really glad things turned out the way they did.

Thompson: How do you see yourself helping this team?

Massaquoi:  I'm just going to go in there compete, listen to what all the coaches are telling me, and work hard for my opportunity.

Thompson:  Do you know anyone on the team?

Massaquoi:  I've had a chance to meet Braylon Edwards, and he's a pretty good guy. I also met Brian Robiskie at the Combine. Outside of that, I just know some of the names of the players they have, and it's a great group of guys. 

Thompson:  Looking at you, those other two receivers a young quarterback like Brady Quinn, it could make for some exciting times in Cleveland.

Massaquoi: Oh, definitely. Everybody's looking to start from scratch and go out there and put together some good, quality wins. And then you never know what might happen from there.

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