Rookie Reaction: Andy Levitre

The Buffalo Bills used a second-round pick, number 51 overall, to add former Oregon State offensive lineman Andy Levitre to their roster.'s Ed Thompson talked with Levitre about his draft weekend experience and why he's excited to be blocking for quarterback Trent Edwards.

Ed Thompson: So are you still getting used to people referring to you as Andy Levitre of the Buffalo Bills?

Andy Levitre: It's starting to feel a little more natural, but I'm still having a little bit of a hard time letting it all sink in, even though I know it eventually will. I'm sure when I'm up there working out, it'll all come together. 

Thompson: So walk us through what happened when your phone rang.

Levitre: A person called and said they were with the Bills and that they were planning on trading up. Then they put me on hold. So I'm sitting there on the phone, not even knowing for sure if I'm going to get picked or not since I didn't know if the trade would go through. I was kind of shocked because I was sitting there eating dinner, and I really wasn't expecting the Bills to pick me because the Cowboys were up. And I knew that the Bills had drafted Eric Wood, so I was thinking that the Bills wouldn't be looking for an offensive lineman, at least not until later in the draft. To my surprise, they called and they came through. I'm happy, I'm glad. I got along really well with the coaching staff during my visit there. So I'm pretty excited to get up there and start working with them.

Levitre hoists the Sun Bowl Trophy in December, 2008.
Ronald Martinez, Getty Images

Thompson:  Since you have experience at various positions on the offensive line, have they told you yet where they see you fitting in initially?

Levitre: They see me as a guard/tackle, I think. They haven't said anything about center yet, but if they want to me play center, I'll give it a shot.

Thompson:  Talk about how your skills are going to help the Buffalo Bills win games.

Levitre: I think my versatility is definitely going to help. If somebody was to go down, even in the middle of the game while I'm playing a different position, I could switch to another spot and finish out a game there. I think that adds a lot more depth to the team. With me, they've also got a good, hard-working guy who's going to help the team both on and off the field.

Thompson: I'm sure you've gotten to know Eric Wood during the pre-draft process, but are there other rookies or veteran players on the team that you're familiar with?

Levitre:  Me and Keith Ellison are pretty good friends, so that'll be somebody that I know who will be up there. I met Eric Wood at the Combine and the Senior Bowl, so we're familiar with each other. My team played against Trent Edwards in high school--I don't know if he remembers that--so I'm looking forward to working with him.  I was a sophomore at the time, and our varsity didn't bring up sophomores, so I was on the sidelines for that game. But I remember he almost single-handedly beat our team, 42-0, in our high school sectional finals. So I had a lot of respect for him even through high school, and he's doing great things now with the Bills.

Thompson:  Anything you want to pass on to your new fans in Buffalo?

Levitre:  I can't wait to get up there and get started, and I'm happy to be at Buffalo.

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