Rookie Reaction: Deon Butler

In the third round of the NFL Draft, the Seattle Seahawks added Penn State's all-time leader in receptions, Deon Butler.'s Ed Thompson caught up with the talented receiver to talk with him about his draft weekend experience before he left for his first minicamp.

Ed Thompson: What were you doing when the Seattle Seahawks called you?

Deon Butler: I was sitting around in my living room with about seven other friends. I was watching the TV with my phone next to me. There was a run on receivers and my teammate, Derrick Williams, was picked. So I was thinking that maybe I'd be picked in that round or, if not, it was setting up well for the next round. Next thing I know, Seattle makes a trade up and I'm getting a phone call from a random area code, so I thought this could be it. The next thing I heard was a voice saying "this is Coach Mora from the Seattle Seahawks, are you ready to be a Seahawk?" After the call I was so excited that this was all over, I yelled for my mom and celebrated with my friends.    

Thompson: What else did Coach Mora or the team tell you during that call?

Butler: They said they had heard a lot of good things about me as a person, and that on the field they like my speed, my consistency. They were pleased with the way I caught the ball and made big plays in pretty much every game that I was in. They also said that another key thing was that my teammate, Aaron Maybin, had said great things about me when he went out to Seattle.  

Thompson:  How much contact did you have with them prior to getting that call?

Butler: Not much. I think I did a generic interview with them—your background, your family's background. So I really didn't have too much contact with them and had no clue that they were that interested in me that they would make a trade to move up to get me. I was definitely excited about that, and it was a good feeling to find out that I was going to be part of a great organization. I'm going to do whatever I can to help this team win.

Deon Butler makes a catch at his first minicamp.
Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Thompson: Is there anyone on the team that you know?

Butler:  No. I knew Bobby Engram since he was from Penn State, but he's not there anymore. My brother, who works at the University of Miami and played basketball there, knows Kelly Jennings so I think he's going to hook me up so that I have someone to talk to. But other than that, I'm looking forward to getting to know everybody and picking the brains of the wide receivers that have been out there and learn as much as I can.   

Thompson:  Seattle is a great situation for a rookie wide receiver, because the position hasn't exactly been a stable one for the team as of late. So you could be a guy who could go in there and have an immediate impact. 

Butler:  That's what I'm looking forward to, and not just in the passing game. I want to help with kickoffs, kick returns, punt, punt returns, just getting on the field, making plays and whatever this team asks me to do.   

Thompson:  With the success that both you and Derrick Williams had at Penn State, how fitting was it that both of you get pulled off the board in the third round?

Butler: That was great. I was so proud of him and happy for him. I was happy for all of my teammates who got picked, but Derrick is a guy who has worked tremendously hard and he'll continue to do that in the NFL.  Detroit will definitely be satisfied with that pick. They'll be getting a lot more from him than I think they expect. 

Thompson:  Deon, here's your chance to send out a message to your Penn State fans one more time and to your new Seattle Seahawks fans.

Butler: Penn State, I loved it and in my heart I'll always be a Penn State alumni. For the Penn State people, we are Penn State! I'm definitely looking forward to being a part of the Seattle organization and community. And I'm definitely looking forward to that vaunted 12th man. 

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