Atlanta Falcons Final Draft Report Card

Four first year starters, Sam Baker, Matt Ryan, Curtis Lofton, Thomas Decoud, made the 2008 draft special. Harry Douglas, Robert James and Chevis Jackson contributed in backup roles as rookies. Kroy Biermann, Thomas Brown, Keith Zinger showed little and will need to upgrade their games.

Atlanta Falcons Grade - B+ NO RD Name Pos School HT WT 40 Grade
24 1 Jerry, Peria DT Mississippi 6016v 293v 5.02v 1.191
55 2 Moore, William DS Missouri 6001v 221v 4.47v 1.183
90 3 Owens, Christopher DC San Jose St 5096v 181v 4.48v 1.900
125 4 Sidbury, Lawrence DE Richmond 6023v 266v 4.55v 1.200
138 5 Middleton, William DC Furman 5093v 193v 4.47v 1.800
156 5 Reynolds, Garrett OT North Carolina 6075v 309v 5.45v 1.900
176 6 Adkins, Spencer IB Miami 5113v 233v 4.47v 1.900
210 7 Walker, Vance DT Georgia Tech 6017v 304v 5.33v 1.694

For the second year in a row, I've liked the direction the Falcons have taken. They got excellent value in each of their first four selection while filling some critical needs. Peria Jerry fought through some early season injuries to have an exceptional 2008 season. I like his initial get off, his range and ability to play on his feet. William Moore was in my opinion the number one safety in the country, but did not play to near his capabilities this past season. I look for him to rebound and give the Falcons a force on the back end for years to come. Owens has sweet feet and very good quickness and speed. Lawrence Sidbury is one of my favorite players and I believe are going to make a lot of clubs wish they had selected this future star. He's got excellent quickness, good upper body strength, long arms and actually runs better than a number of highly rated defensive corners! He's still in the developmental stage, but I really liked his upside as either a 4-3 end and or 3 - 4 outside backer. Adkins showed speed in pursuit, but I didn't think he was much of a take on guy. His instincts were marginal and didn't protect his lower body very well. On third down, I thought he showed impressive get off quicks, but he really didn't much of a plan particularly when he was stoned on his first move. Vance Walker in particular was a solid pick for the 7th round and could factor.

BEST IN 3 YEARS: William Moore
OVERRATED: William Middleton
UNDERRATED: Lawrence Sidbury
PROJECT: Lawrence Sidbury
BEST COLLEGE F.A.: Aaron Kelly (WR)
HUH?: Garrett Reynolds

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